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  • 23 January, 2023
  • Donald Gillespie

Unigloves Support Enables Anatomical Pathology Nurse To Keep doing The Job She Loves

A highly experienced Anatomical Pathology Technologist at Hull Royal Infirmary’s mortuary who was born with a congenital hand deformity has been able to carry on working in her chosen career thanks to the support of safety glove manufacturer Unigloves.

When the search for a post-Covid glove manufacturer to provide Mortuary and Bereavement Services Assistant Manager Lisa Yeates with a glove to meet her individual needs looked to have failed, the team at Unigloves stepped in. Their mission was to design and manufacture gloves specifically for her – free of charge.

With a key part of Lisa’s work involving the handling of patients who have passed away – some of whom were high-risk patients still carrying a risk of blood-borne infection – specialist medical hand protection is an absolutely critical part of Lisa’s PPE provision.

But as Andrea Kaye, Mortuary and Bereavement Services Manager at Hull Royal Infirmary, highlights, Lisa was in danger of having to change her current role had the search for a glove manufacturer willing to provide specialist gloves for Lisa’s requirements proven unsuccessful. Andrea said:

Whilst we had been able to source gloves for Lisa before Covid struck – having had a former of her hand made – when she came back to work post-Covid, it became nigh on impossible to source them from our usual NHS suppliers or from other companies we spoke to. They either refused to make the gloves or wanted to charge astronomical amounts for them. 

Lisa was running extremely low on the stocks we held for her and it was looking like we weren’t going to be able to get any, which would have meant her not being able to carry out core elements of her role.That was until, on one of our last searches, we started chatting to Karen Cresswell from Unigloves.

Having discussed Lisa and Andrea’s difficulty finding help, Karen, the UK Country Sales Manager for Unigloves, spoke to her wider team – including colleagues in Unigloves’ manufacturing plants in Malaysia – who were more than happy to step in and manufacture the gloves for Lisa free of charge.

Not only do Lisa’s new gloves provide chemical resistance and blood-borne contamination protection, they are also designed to offer comfort, flexibility and durability and are tested to EN374 and EN455 in addition to being AQL 1.5 compliant.

For Lisa, she is delighted to be able to carry on in her role. Lisa said:

I was born with a congenital hand deformity and finding gloves has always been a challenge, but I can’t tell you what it means to have these gloves made for me – I really don’t have the words to be honest. It is amazing and it means the world to me. I can carry on doing the job that I really value. 

It is amazingly kind of Unigloves to do this. The main benefit is that I get to carry on doing what I love. Karen and the team from Unigloves were instrumental in dealing with our needs as well as the logistics, as was Andrea in terms of making this happen, so I am really grateful.

Andrea adds that having had so many knockbacks when talking to previous glove manufacturers, Unigloves’ approach certainly stood out.

Not only was it great that we could get Unigloves to help, but it was a really refreshing change that they were willing to do this for Lisa for free.



Unigloves as a manufacturer

It was a pleasure to be able to help Lisa by providing a glove designed specifically for her needs. It was a team effort with the procurement team and our factory team all helping to fulfil the task at hand.

Said Karen Creswell Unigloves Country Sales Manager, Industrial Business Unit, UK.

“The pandemic has shown us just how vital having the correct PPE is to keep you safe. It felt right to be able to give something back to the NHS and Lisa.”

Karen added.

Catherine Leong of Unigloves’ manufacturing facilities in Malaysia says “the flexibility for the sales team in the UK to be able to discuss ideas and requests with the design and manufacturing teams here in Malaysia meant Lisa’s wish to find a glove to enable her keep doing her job could be met.”

As a company, Unigloves is a designer, manufacturer and supplier of hand protection products with specialist sales teams we have the flexibility to discuss specific requests from our teams around the world and where possible deliver on those.”

In this case, we were really pleased to be able to manufacture gloves specifically to meet Lisa’s needs."

Said Catherine.

Unigloves has been saving lives across the world by protecting hands and preventing the spread of disease since 1989 when it manufactured its first gloves. Today, Unigloves produces up to 145 gloves every second of every day and is one of the world’s leading glove manufacturers, as well as one of Europe’s most trusted providers of protective products and services.

Our Mission is to constantly find new and better ways to protect hands.

Our business is listed on the Singapore Stock Exchange with SGX Symbol 8K7.

For more information about the range of hand protection solutions available from Unigloves, visit: www.unigloves.co.uk, call 0800 049 6602, or email sales@unigloves.co.uk.


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