Advanced Gloves

The Unigloves Advanced series of gloves is our promise to those who value their hands highly enough to demand the best quality gloves available.

Overview & USPs

Proprietary manufacturing processes and hand finishing - making the Advanced series the preferred choice for professionals seeking the ideal combination of comfort, dexterity and durability.

The innovative solutions applied to our Advanced range don’t end there. Each product in the Advanced range is developed with unique features, to ensure their suitability for even the most challenging of applications. 



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Key Features

Chemical resistance

All of our Advanced products are tested to EN374 and offer resistance to a range of chemicals. Furthermore, our Stronghold+ gloves are tested to ASTM D6978-05, and are resistant to a range of cytotoxic chemicals often used in the treatment of cancers (during chemotherapy, for example). 

Superior grip

From our Supergrip gloves to our Stronghold products, our Advanced range includes textured palm and fingertip options to provide superior grip, especially when working in wet or oily conditions.

Medical grade solutions

Each of the gloves in our Advanced range is tested to AQL 1.5 or higher, meeting and exceeding medical standards for pinholes, and thus making them suitable as examination gloves. 

Low allergen options

Featuring powder free, silicone free, and ZAS (zinc, accelerator, and sulphur) free varieties, as well as our proprietary offline washing process, our Advanced range presents an assortment of low allergen solutions. 

Touch screen compatible

Each of our Advanced gloves is touchscreen compatible, which means no need to remove gloves to work with mobile phone or tablet displays.

Hand Finished

We are one of the only manufacturers in the industry still producing hand finished gloves. Through a series of proprietary processed used by Unigloves, the residual protein content (in our latex range) responsible for Type I allergies and residual accelerator levels responsible for Type IV allergies, is reduced to the lowest practicable level. These hand finished gloves are significantly easier to don, substantially less irritating to the skin, and much more comfortable than other gloves – especially when worn for long periods. 

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Use Cases

The hand finished gloves from our Advanced series has been designed to meet the needs of the most demanding industry sectors, where only the highest quality gloves will do. Our innovative processes and unique formulations make the Advanced range an exceptionally versatile, comfortable, and protective solution for your workplace.

From the superior chemical and biohazard resistance of Stronghold to the unique low modulus formulation of Zero (the first of our gloves to be free from chemical accelerators, zinc, and sulphur compounds) the Advanced series of gloves represents the very best in complex design suitable for use in the most demanding of environments. Some of their most popular uses include: 

Medical examinations

Tested to AQL 1.5 (and 0.65 in our Stronghold and Stronghold+ gloves), our Advanced range of gloves meet or exceed medical standards for pinholes and feature several low allergen options, making them ideal examination gloves.

Chemical manufacturing and handling

Each of our Advanced range is tested to EN374, and is resistant to a range of chemicals. For greater protection against cytotoxins, such as those used in chemotherapy, consider our Stronghold and Stronghold+ gloves. 

Food processing

Not only are all of our Advanced gloves medical grade and low allergen, but they are also each tested to EN1186, and are considered safe for use in contact with food. This makes the Advanced range of gloves incredibly versatile and suitable for use in all manner of applications.

Healthcare and dentistry

Featuring both latex and latex free varieties, our medical grade Advanced range is ideal for use in the healthcare and dentistry sectors. Our offline washing process, powder free options, and low allergen formulations mean the Advanced range features the perfect safety glove solution for your workplace.

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