Retail and Vending

At Unigloves we have developed a selection of products from our core range that are available in vending friendly packaging. These vending packs have been especially designed to be used in all formats of vending machines from spiral to carousel.

Provide and save

Vending machines are gaining a significant presence on plant floors with two main aims: the first to provide the correct level of PPE and the second to monitor usage and therefore save money along with being available 24/7.

Unigloves vending products are in a pack shaped for easy dispensing and come in a handy 5 or 10 pair format.

Retail friendly

They are also suitable to be sold in the B2C market from retail outlets as each pack has a Euro hang-slot and a printed 13 digit EAN barcode.

Please get in touch if you would like a sample so you can try them first hand. We are able to accept orders in EDI format.

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