The Unigloves Vitality range has been developed to keep hands soft and protected.


Gloves are an essential piece of protective equipment in any dentistry practice. The appropriate pair of gloves helps to maintain a safe and hygienic environment, prevent the spread of infections, adhere to regulations, and promote patient comfort and trust. But the daily wearing of gloves can leave hands dehydrated and irritated.

Unigloves Vitality range has been developed with the dentistry industry in mind, keeping hands protected whilst supporting healthy, moisturised skin. From tooth and gum cleaning to inspections, to complex dental surgery, Unigloves Vitality gloves ensure practitioners and patients enjoy the best protection and comfort.

Dentistry Applications

In the dentistry industry, safety gloves are crucial not only for preventing the spread of infection to practitioners, but also for keeping patients safe, preventing cross contamination, and preventing things like puncture wounds from sharp tools.

Our dentistry gloves have been developed to suit a variety of dentistry applications, including:


During routine dental examinations, dentists and dental hygienists may come into contact with a patient's saliva, blood, or oral tissues. Safety gloves help prevent cross-contamination and the transmission of pathogens.

Cleanings and scaling

Dental cleanings and scaling procedures involve the removal of plaque and tartar from teeth. The use of sharp instruments and contact with bodily fluids necessitates wearing high quality safety gloves for patient and worker protection.

Oral surgery

Procedures such as tooth extractions, dental implant placement, and dental restorations (such as filling and crowns) involve contact with blood and oral tissues as well as sharp tools and materials. Gloves provide a barrier between the practitioner's hands and these materials, reducing the risk of contamination and injury.

Radiographic imaging

While taking dental X-rays or operating dental imaging equipment, wearing gloves can prevent contamination of equipment and maintain a clean environment.

Sterilisation and disinfection

Handling and cleaning contaminated dental instruments requires the use of gloves to protect the practitioner from potential exposure to pathogens and harmful chemicals.

User Needs

Workers in the dentistry industry face a wide range of daily hazards, from infection and the spread of pathogens to injury from sharp tools, to irritation and skin sensitivities caused by the regular wearing of gloves. When selecting the ideal glove for your dental practice, consider the following features: 

Medical grade
Medical grade gloves meet industry standards for pinholes and help to ensure effective barrier protection. 

Latex free
The dentistry industry prefers latex free gloves to protect both patients and practitioners from latex allergies. 

Working with sharp tools and delicate materials whilst being exposed to patients’ bodily fluids such as blood and saliva mean that grip is an important consideration in selecting a safety glove. Ensure the gloves offer grip in both dry and wet conditions.

Tear and puncture resistance
Working with sharp tools (and teeth!) means safety gloves in the dentistry industry should offer good tear and puncture resistance to protect both the wearer and the patient. 

Chemical resistance
Dentistry involves working with a range of chemicals, some of which can be harmful to the skin. Chemical resistant gloves are a must. 

Fit and dexterity
Dentists, dental nurses, and dental hygienists handle delicate equipment and materials (including dental fillings, for example) every day. Safety gloves should offer a form fitting design for maximum grip, touch sensitivity, and dexterity. 

Moisture protection
The regular wearing of gloves can leave hands dry and irritated. Unigloves Vitality gloves support hands with a micro layer of natural moisturisers including Vitamin E and lanolin.

Unigloves Solutions

Dentists and other workers in the dentistry industry rely on their hands for delicate and intricate work.

Rough and damaged skin can make this work painful and difficult. That’s why Unigloves has developed the Vitality range.

Coated with natural moisturisers to support hand health and comfort, our dentistry industry gloves mean dentists and dental workers can do their important work without sacrificing comfort or safety.

Our dentistry glove options include:

Latex and latex free options

Medical grade gloves

Cleaner, softer, more comfortable gloves

Gloves treated with natural moisturisers

Disposable, single use gloves

A range of colours

Gloves with strong grip in dry and wet conditions

Chemical resistant gloves

Tear and puncture resistant gloves

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