Safety gloves for workers involved in transportation, warehousing, and handling within the logistics sector.


The logistics sector presents workers with a variety of hazards and, as such, only safety gloves designed with the industry’s specific requirements in mind will do.

From handling sharp edges on packaging to heavy lifting, handling slippery objects, or being exposed to shock and vibrations from operating heavy tools and machinery, workers in the logistics sector need gloves that are not only comfortable under challenging conditions, but will stand up to the hazards posed.

Unigloves’ range of logistics safety gloves is robust and versatile, catering to all your safety needs.

Logistics Applications

Workers in the logistics sector are involved in a number of different tasks throughout their working day. This means that their gloves must be equally versatile, providing protection against a range of hazards without compromising on comfort or dexterity.

Unigloves' logistics gloves range is designed to be both tough and comfortable, to suit the demanding conditions of a variety of common logistics tasks. Our gloves have been developed with the following logistics applications in mind:


Including inventory management, order picking, packing, and handling of various potentially hazardous materials and goods.


Including loading and unloading cargo by hand or with equipment, handling freight, and securing loads for transportation.


Including order processing, using mobile devices, filling out paperwork, product handling, and delivery of goods to customers.

Operating machinery

Including operating forklifts, pallet jacks, and other heavy machinery.

User Needs

Hand injuries are some of the most common in the logistics sector and can have devastating consequences not only for workers but for the business as a whole. Keeping workers’ hands safe is critical when it comes to meeting tight deadlines and staying on schedule. Safety gloves for the logistics sector must meet the following requirements:

Cut and abrasion resistance
For working with sharp tools such as box cutters and a variety of sharp or abrasive packaging.

Strength and durability
Workers in the logistics sector face vibrating heavy machinery, abrasive packaging and materials, and heavy lifting during their workday, which all put a lot of stress on hands and safety gloves. Only a robust pair of gloves with durable construction will protect hands whilst ensuring longevity.

Workers will shift between package handling tasks and administrative operations such as data entry and operating mobile devices, which means their gloves must offer appropriate flexibility, dexterity, and in some cases, touch screen compatibility. 

Superior grip
Handling a variety of packages, working with tools, and operating machinery means logistics workers need safety gloves with excellent grip in dry, wet, or oily conditions. 

Low allergen and latex free solutions
For workplaces where latex allergies, dermatitis, and other skin conditions are a concern, low allergen and latex free glove options are a must.

Unigloves Logistics Gloves Solutions

Like any work gloves, logistics sector gloves are designed to protect not only the wearer, but the materials they handle. Unigloves’ safety gloves for the logistics industry have been developed for the many challenges faced by logistics workers, from handling sharp or abrasive packages to operating heavy machinery, and more.

Our gloves are designed to meet the highest standards of protection, comfort, and durability, to ensure that not only are workers’ hands kept free from injury but also that fatigue is kept to a minimum. Choosing the right pair of safety gloves in the logistics sector means production is maintained whilst workers, materials, and equipment are safeguarded.

Available across our extensive glove range, our logistics sector gloves include:

Robust, industrial gloves

Ultralight and superlight gloves to reduce hand fatigue

Flexible gloves that offer excellent dexterity

Sustainable seamless liners

Cut and abrasion resistant gloves

Latex free and low allergen solutions

Water resistant gloves

Gloves with excellent grip in dry, wet, or oily conditions

Touch screen compatible gloves

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