Pearl Colour System

Gloves don’t have to be blue or white. With a selection of twelve colours, Unigloves Pearl is a selection of coloured nitrile gloves so you can colour-code in any environment.

Overview and USPs

Our Pearl range goes to show: safety gloves needn’t be only blue or white. In fact, when it comes to preventing cross-contamination, colour-coding options can make all the difference. Unigloves Pearl range of strong, comfortable, medical grade gloves is available in a variety of colours for just this reason. But the benefits don’t end there.

The Pearl colour system

The Pearl range has been designed with functionality in mind. Our 12 colour options assist with colour-coding, helping to prevent cross-contamination by clearly separating tasks and their appropriate gloves.

Textured finish for better grip

Featuring beaded cuffs for added strength and a textured finish for superior grip even when working in wet or oily environments, our Pearl range of disposable nitrile gloves ensures performance while providing excellent protection. 

High quality and anti-allergen

Our strong and durable Pearl range is constructed from nitrile: an incredibly robust material that is free from latex and powder, thus reducing the risk of Type I allergies. Resistant to a range of chemicals and medical grade, Unigloves Pearl gloves offer enhanced barrier protection that’s suitable for use in a range of sectors, from food processing to healthcare.

Touch screen compatible

The touch screen compatible Pearl gloves mean never having to remove a glove and risk hand safety when working with mobile or tablet devices.

Colour coding to reduce the risk of cross-contamination

Pearl has been designed with functionality in mind, by offering a series of colours suitable for colour-coding in the work environment to help avoid cross-contamination.

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Use cases

Available in 12 colours and featuring medical grade, food safe, latex free construction, Unigloves Pearl range of disposable nitrile gloves offers the ultimate in comfort, safety, and durability for various applications.

Tested to EN374 and meeting medical standards for pinholes, our Pearl range of disposable nitrile gloves is not only resistant to chemicals and safe for use in medical applications, but are also safe for use in the food industry. Here are just some of the uses for our incredibly versatile Pearl gloves.

Food processing and handling

All of the colour options in our Pearl range are safe for use with all food types, including fatty and oily foods. This makes them an ideal choice for the food industry, from food processing to handling and preparation. The colour options make colour-coding simple and help you to avoid cross-contamination.

Healthcare and laboratory work

In medical applications, protecting the public is just as crucial as protecting your workers’ hands. That’s why our Pearl range has been developed using latex free nitrile formulation that is also free from powder; for reduced risk of Type I allergies. The robust nitrile formulation and beaded cuffs mean a strong, chemical resistant glove that is easier to don and remove and provides excellent barrier protection thanks to their medical grade construction.

Chemical manufacturing and handling

Tested to EN374 and resistant to a variety of chemicals, the Pearl range is an excellent addition to your PPE in chemical manufacturing and handling applications. Medium weight and featuring durable beaded cuffs, these nitrile gloves are strong, extremely comfortable, and provide excellent protection.

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