Heavy duty work gloves protect construction workers against the hazards faced on the construction site.


The construction industry is one of the most challenging in terms of safety concerns, as workers deal daily with sharp and abrasive materials, extreme weather, operating heavy machinery, handling hazardous tools and equipment, and even coming into contact with potentially harmful chemicals. For these reasons, the appropriate safety gloves are a must.

The right pair of safety gloves will not only protect workers’ hands against the many hazards they face but will also prevent fatigue and safeguard the materials, tools, and machinery that workers handle during their various applications. 

Construction Applications

The construction industry is a diverse sector, encompassing a wide range of applications. It is therefore crucial that work gloves for the construction industry are developed with each of these applications in mind:

Site preparation

Clearing and excavation, levelling the ground, and setting up drainage systems using heavy machinery and tools.

Carpentry, masonry, and concrete work

Handling wood, power tools, bricks, drywall, and other abrasive materials, as well as pouring and mixing concrete, and more.

Plumbing and electrical work

Installing, maintaining, and repairing pipes, wiring, and fixtures, including coming into contact with electrical wires and outlets.

Painting and decorating

Preparing surfaces and applying paint, wallpaper, or other finishes to walls, ceilings, and other surfaces using a variety of tools and chemicals.

Heavy equipment operation

Using machinery like cranes, excavators, loaders, and forklifts to move materials or perform specific tasks.


Dismantling structures, breaking down materials, and clearing debris using heavy machinery, power tools, and even workers’ own hands.

User Needs

Construction applications often require specialised safety measures to ensure the efficient and safe completion of construction projects. The most vital of these is safety gloves. Safety gloves for the construction sector should include the following features:

Excellent grip
Construction workers face extreme weather, slippery tools and equipment, and heavy objects every day, which is why strong grip gloves that maintain grip in dry, wet, or oily conditions are crucial. 

Thermal protection
Cold or wet weather makes working in construction a challenge, but thermal protective gloves will keep hands warm and dry, and heat protection properties in some thermal gloves also safeguard against contact with hot tools and equipment. 

Abrasion and cut resistance
Sharp tools and abrasive materials are always present on the construction site, which is why abrasion and cut resistance are a must for construction safety gloves. 

Handling smaller objects like nails or completing intricate tasks means construction safety gloves must offer flexibility and dexterity alongside durability. 

Chemical resistant
Construction workers often come into contact with harsh and hazardous chemicals, so ensure your workers’ gloves are chemical resistant. 

Water resistant
Water resistant gloves keep out liquids such as water and potentially harmful chemicals, keeping hands protected against moisture and hazardous substances. 

Electrical insulation
Construction workers involved with electrical applications require specialist electrical insulating gloves such as those from the Unigloves Sibille range.

Unigloves Construction Gloves Solutions

Unigloves’ construction gloves are designed to meet the extreme challenges faced by workers in the construction industry. In designing these gloves, we have kept in mind the need for safety as well as comfort, dexterity, and longevity, which is why our range of construction gloves features:

Abrasion and tear resistance 

Electrical insulating gloves

Excellent grip in dry, wet, and oily conditions

Chemically resistant gloves

Thermal protective gloves for hot and cold environments

Water resistant gloves

Sustainable seamless liners

Latex free and low allergen gloves

Breathable glove liners

Durable, reusable gloves

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