Work gloves that meet the unique and exacting needs of the transportation sector, across ground, sea, and air transport applications.


The transportation sector poses a unique set of risks to workers’ hands and requires a targeted solution when it comes to safety gloves. Unigloves’ work gloves are suitable for a range of transportation applications, from handling sharp and abrasive packages, to heavy lifting, handling wet or oily tools and materials, and operating heavy machinery.

Our transportation gloves are designed to provide workers with excellent grip, protect against cuts and abrasions, and provide adequate dexterity and flexibility to ensure that productivity is maintained in even the most challenging conditions.

Transport Applications

The logistics sector has high standards for productivity, compliance, and safety, as well as tight schedules to contend with. As such, safety is of the utmost importance.

Safety gloves for the transportation sector must not only protect workers’ hands, but ensure maximum productivity, protect packages and equipment from damage, and offer ongoing durability under these tough conditions.

Unigloves understands the exacting demands of the logistics sector, and our gloves have been designed with the following applications in mind:


This includes picking orders, packing, and handling different materials and goods.

Cargo Handling

This covers the loading and unloading of goods, working with cargo, and making sure loads are safe for transport on land, sea, or air.


This involves processing orders, completing paperwork or digital data entry, handling products, and getting goods to customers.

Machinery Operation

Such as using forklifts, pallet jacks, lorries, and other heavy machinery.

User Needs

With tight schedules and strict deadlines to contend with, transport sector workers such as lorry drivers and warehouse workers are under a lot of pressure. Only the best hand protection will do, to safeguard against injury, prevent fatigue, and ensure ongoing productivity. Unigloves’ work gloves feature ideal solutions for the transport sector, and meet the following needs:

Abrasion and cut resistance
Transport workers handle sharp tools and abrasive packaging on a daily basis. Abrasion and cut resistance are a must for transportation work gloves. 

Handling packages and materials of varying sizes, completing paperwork, and operating machinery mean gloves must offer flexibility and dexterity. 

Dry, wet, and oily grip
Air, sea, and land transport workers face challenging conditions including wet and oily packages, tools, and materials. Strong grip gloves are essential.

Latex and silicon free solutions
Unigloves’ range features latex free, silicon free, and powder free varieties for low allergen solutions or to help maintain a contaminant free workplace. 

Touch screen compatibility
Transport workers regularly use touch screen devices. Touch screen compatible gloves mean never having to compromise safety by removing gloves. 

Seamless liners and robust construction are all important for maintaining comfort and reducing fatigue during long days at work. 

Thermal protection
Often, transport workers have to contend with cold or wet conditions, or handle hot tools and equipment. Thermal protective gloves keep hands warm and dry and even safe from heat contact.

Unigloves Transportation Gloves Solutions

Transport workers, whether involved in land, sea, or air transportation, face a variety of hazards every day.

From handling abrasive packages and materials, to operating heavy machinery, driving a lorry, loading and unloading packages, and securing loads in all kinds of weather, transport work is fraught with risks.

Safety gloves must be able to protect workers’ hands as well as keep packages, tools, and equipment free from damage.

Unigloves’ transportation sector gloves are designed to meet the exacting safety standards of the transport sector with the following solutions:

Lightweight yet robust industrial gloves

Flexible gloves with excellent dexterity

Gloves with superior grip in dry, wet, or oily conditions

Touch screen compatible gloves

Water resistant coatings

Thermal protection against hot and cold

Sustainable seamless liners

Cut and abrasion resistance

Latex free and silicon free varieties

Touch screen compatible gloves

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