We are pleased to be able to offer Derma Shield to our trusted customer base.

What is Derma Shield?

Forget traditional barrier creams; Derma Shield is the solution that skin's been waiting for as it:

1) Moisturises, 2) Nurtures and 3) Protects.

Derma Shield is CE marked and manufactured in the UK to Medical Device Standard ISO 13485:2016.

Note: Derma Shield is not a glove substitute and can be worn in conjunction with gloves!

Who uses Derma Shield?

A vast range of things can cause skin problems. It could be oils, greases, coins, papers, skin sanitiser, inks, coolants, or just working outdoors in all weather. In short, Derma Shield can be used anywhere, including food processing, factories, construction sites, dentists, healthcare professionals, tattoo artists – the list goes on.

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Why use Derma Shield?

As well as preventing the penetration of biological fluids, Derma Shield controls and prevents dermatitis. Derma Shield helps revive the skin's natural moisture balance and allows the skin to breathe and perspire - especially useful with today's strict handwashing regime.

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