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Specialist gloves that meet the highest safety standards for tattoo artists and piercers


Tattoo artists and piercers have very specific needs from their safety gloves. Gloves for these artists must not only protect the wearer, but also their clients, tools, and equipment. Touch sensitivity is a major factor to consider when selecting gloves for tattoo artists and piercers, whilst ensuring compliance with industry standards for safety.

At Unigloves, we are the industry leader in tattoo and piercing gloves, and understand the balance between safety, comfort, and artistry. That’s why we’ve developed a range of gloves specifically for tattoo artists and piercers.

Tattoo & Piercing Applications 

Tattoo artists and piercers perform a range of applications in their line of work, which can include but are not limited to:


Designing and applying tattoos using needles and ink, often involving long hours of holding a tattoo gun.


Performing various body piercings using sharp and potentially hazardous tools such as sterilised needles, clamps, and jewellery.

Sterilisation and hygiene

Ensuring the cleanliness and sanitation of workstations, tools, and equipment by following strict hygiene protocols, including sterilising needles and other instruments.

Equipment setup and maintenance

Preparing workstations, setting up needles and machines, and maintaining and repairing equipment as needed.

Client care

Cleaning and dressing fresh piercings and tattoos to help prevent cross contamination, infection, or the spreading of pathogens

User Needs

Tattoo artists and piercers must adhere to strict safety and hygiene standards while performing these applications to minimise the risk of infection or complications and ensure a positive experience for their clients.

At the same time, comfort and dexterity are important factors in reducing fatigue and ensuring the artist’s work and artistic processes are not compromised.

To ensure artistry and safety are held in perfect balance, safety gloves designed for the tattoo and piercing industry should include the following features: 

Latex free options
Latex free gloves prevent allergic reactions to latex, which protects both workers and their clients. 

Powder free gloves
Powder free gloves not only help to prevent the spread of particles but also reduce the likelihood of allergic reactions and skin sensitivities, keeping both the wearer and the client more comfortable.

Medical grade
Medical grade gloves or ‘examination gloves’ must meet medical and tattooing standards for pinholes, which helps to prevent against contact with blood and other bodily fluids and ensures against infection and the spreading of harmful pathogens.

Puncture resistance
Working with tattoo and piercing guns means safety gloves should offer puncture resistance. Nitrile gloves are an excellent, robust alternative to latex gloves and offer good puncture and tear resistance. 

Strong grip
Tattooing and piercing means working in dry, wet, and oily conditions because of contact with water, blood, cleaning fluids, and antiseptic creams. Tattoo and piercing gloves must offer excellent grip in dry, wet, and oily conditions for these reasons. 

Touch sensitivity
Artists in the tattoo and piercing industry require gloves that offer excellent flexibility and touch sensitivity for handling small tools and conducting intricate work.

Unigloves Tattoo & Piercing Gloves Solutions

At Unigloves, we understand that safety and artistic expression are equally important in the tattooing and piercing industry. That’s why we’ve developed a range of gloves that combine robust protection with comfort and flexibility.

Our range of tattooing and piercing gloves are softer and easier to don, allowing artists to do their best work whilst maintaining the highest standards of safety. Our gloves range for tattoo artists and piercers features:

Latex free and latex varieties

Black nitrile gloves

Single use, disposable gloves

Standard and extended cuff variations

Medical grade gloves

Gloves with strong dry, wet, and oily grip

Chemically resistant gloves

Water resistant gloves

Puncture and tear resistant construction

Touch screen compatible options 

Lightweight and flexible options for touch sensitivity

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