Safety gloves to protect workers’ hands against the variety of hazards faced in warehousing work.


Workers in the warehousing sector face numerous risks to their hands during daily operations. Handling various types of materials, sharp or rough packaging, and heavy items can lead to cuts, abrasions, loss of grip, and even crush injuries. Workers also face fatigue and strain from repetitive movements and constant forced grip.

High quality safety gloves are essential in this environment, providing protection against these hazards whilst ensuring comfort and dexterity. Unigloves’ warehousing gloves not only shield workers' hands from injuries but also contribute to overall safety and productivity in the warehousing sector.

Warehousing Applications

Workers in the warehousing sector face a unique set of challenges, and require gloves designed with these specific applications in mind:

Picking and packing

Picking and packing orders involves handling rough and abrasive materials, using sharp tools such as box cutters, and working with mobile devices and paperwork.

Cargo handling and storage

This involves loading and unloading goods by hand or with machinery and securing loads for transportation.

Operating machinery

Heavy machinery such as forklifts, pallet jacks, and more are a vital part of warehousing work, but involve a number of risks to workers.

User Needs

Warehousing workers rely on their hands for everything from detailed tasks like data entry and paperwork to heavy lifting, packing and unpacking goods, securing loads, operating machinery, and more. Keeping to schedule and maintaining productivity in the warehouse means offering workers the best protection for their hands. Safety gloves designed for the warehousing sector, such as those from Unigloves, must meet the following safety requirements specific to the sector:

Abrasion and cut resistance
Warehousing work involves using sharp tools and handling abrasive materials, which is why cut and abrasion resistant gloves are vital. 

Impact resistant
Crushing and impact injuries are an unfortunate hazard in the warehousing sector, which is why impact resistant gloves make an ideal safety companion. 

Strong grip gloves
Warehousing workers face strain and fatigue from constantly using a strong grip. Safety gloves should offer excellent grip in dry, wet, or oily conditions to protect both workers and materials.

Touch screen compatibility
Touch screen compatible gloves ensure workers need not remove safety gloves to use touch screen devices. 

To ensure workers can undertake more intricate tasks such as handling small or delicate objects or complete paperwork, a flexible glove offers all the dexterity required.

Unigloves Warehousing Gloves Solutions

At Unigloves, we understand that the warehousing sector complies with strict safety guidelines designed to protect both workers and the goods and materials they handle.

That’s why we’ve developed a range of gloves to protect workers’ hands against the specific kinds of threats faced in your industry. Unigloves’ warehousing gloves range features:

Abrasion and cut resistant gloves

Ultralight and superlight gloves for dexterity

Touch screen compatible gloves

Impact resistant gloves

Water resistant coatings

Sustainable seamless liners

Strong grip gloves for working in dry, wet, or oily conditions

Nitrile coatings for added strength and durability

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