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With extensive knowledge, development & expertise across our hand protection ranges, there's a product for everybody from Unigloves

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Disposable Gloves

Unigloves manufactures a comprehensive range of disposable gloves using nitrile, latex, vinyl and TPE.

Mechanical Gloves

The best options when there is no major risk hazard, suited for general handling.

Thermal Gloves

Unigloves thermal gloves have been specially designed for protection against high and/or low temperatures.

Cut Resistant Gloves

Unigloves offers a wide selection of cut resistant (there's no such thing as cut proof) gloves.

Electricians' Gloves & Accessories

Our electrical insulating gloves and accessories can save the lives of workers operating in hazardous conditions.

Skincare Products

Our skincare range includes skin protectants and sanitising hand gels for extra hand care!

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