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Thermal Gloves

Thermal work gloves are an essential part of personal protective equipment for those working in cold storage or working outside during the colder months. Not only do thermal gloves need to protect the hands from the cold, but they must also offer adequate protection against a variety of hazards an application may pose.

Unigloves’ Nitrex is our range of work gloves and features three thermal gloves varieties. The Nitrex range has been developed to be robust, comfortable, and dextrous, while providing excellent value for money. Offering not only thermal protection, but, for some glove styles, also cut and abrasion protection, water resistance, odour control, and more.

So, whether handling frozen food while working in a cold storage environment, using tools and machinery outdoors in the winter, or tackling a variety of landscaping tasks, you can rest assured that hands are kept warm, dry, and protected all day long. Featuring excellent grip in dry, wet, or even oily conditions, Unigloves thermal gloves from the Nitrex range also ensure that tools, parts, and machinery are safeguarded against damage due to slippage. For added protection against liquid ingress in the wet, consider a pair of Nitrex water resistant thermal gloves.

For protection for hands against the extreme cold, as well as a range of other potential hazards faced on the job, you should try Unigloves thermal gloves. For more information on the Nitrex range and to request a sample, get in touch with the Unigloves team today.

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