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Moisturising Gloves

Rough, sore, dry, and irritated hands are not only uncomfortable to work with, but they can affect performance and even result in injury to the hands. At Unigloves, we understand that protecting workers’ hands involves more than simply wearing appropriate safety gloves. Regular glove wearing and hand washing can result in irritation, dryness, cracking, and even dermatitis That’s why we’ve developed our unique range of moisturising gloves: The Vitality by Unigloves range.

Our Vitality moisturising gloves are washed multiple times once off the production line for reduced risk of Type IV allergies, and are treated with a microfilm inner coating that contains natural moisturisers and vitamins to help soothe sore and tired hands. This helps to make hands feel rejuvenated while at work, to reduce fatigue and keep hands soft and free from irritation.

Of course, our moisturising gloves do much more than revitalise the skin; they also protect hands against a range of potentially harmful materials, including cleaning products, detergents, low level chemicals, and more. Available in both latex and latex free options, our Vitality moisturising nitrile gloves are safe for use by those with latex allergies or sensitivities. Food safe, medical grade, and featuring textured palms and fingertips, Unigloves Vitality moisturising gloves are versatile, robust, and suitable for use in a huge variety of applications. From cleaning and janitorial work to dentistry, healthcare, beauty, and more, our moisturising gloves are your workers’ best defence against dryness, irritation, and common workplace hazards.

Browse our full range of moisturising gloves, or contact our team to request a sample or for more information on finding the best gloves for your applications.

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