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Touch Screen Gloves

Tired of taking off your safety gloves to use your device? Touch screen gloves are compatible with smart phones, tablets, or other touch screen devices, saving you a lot of time and frustration. Not to mention, ensuring your hand safety is never compromised on the work site.

A good pair of industrial work gloves is essential in many applications, to protect hands against a variety of hazards. Unfortunately, many work gloves are not compatible with touch screen devices, meaning wearers must remove their gloves to operate phones, tablets, or other devices, whilst on the job. Not only does this compromise safety, but it’s also time consuming. When wearing disposable gloves, it can even mean churning through additional gloves more often than necessary.

Touch screen gloves work with all your devices so that you never need to remove gloves to take a call, enter data, or access information on phones and tablets. Unigloves’ range features a number of touch screen gloves, in both disposable and industrial varieties, so that no matter the job, your hands are protected – even when using devices.

See the full range of Unigloves touch screen gloves, including Unicare, Advanced, PRO.TECT and more, from our disposable range. In our industrial glove range, Nitrex 242D, 340RF, 255RP, 285RP, 275RP and 295RP offer enhanced protection, and durability, and are touch screen compatible.

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