Healthcare gloves from Unigloves meet the highest safety standards for healthcare workers.


Safety gloves play a critical role in the healthcare sector, where professionals routinely handle biohazardous materials, sharp instruments, and potentially infectious substances.

High quality gloves not only protect healthcare workers from exposure to bloodborne pathogens, chemicals, and contaminants, but also prevent the spread of infections between patients and staff.

By using appropriate safety gloves, healthcare professionals can ensure a safer and more hygienic working environment while delivering the highest standard of care.

Healthcare Applications

Healthcare workers undertake numerous applications that require the use of safety gloves to ensure protection and maintain a hygienic environment. From doctors to nurses, therapists, dentists, and more, healthcare professionals undertake a variety of applications requiring safety gloves, including: 

Patient examinations

Performing physical examinations that involve contact with patients' skin, mouth, or bodily fluids.

Wound care

Cleaning, dressing, and treating wounds, ulcers, or burns, which may involve handling sharp instruments or coming into contact with blood or other bodily fluids.

Surgical procedures

Using various surgical tools and handling human tissues or bodily fluids.


Drawing blood samples for laboratory testing, which involves using needles and handling blood filled tubes or containers.

Injections or vaccinations

Administering medications, vaccines, or other substances via needles or syringes.

Medical device insertion or removal

Inserting or removing intravenous lines, catheters, or other medical devices that penetrate the skin or mucous membranes.

Sterilisation and disinfection

Cleaning and sterilising instruments, equipment, or work surfaces to maintain a sanitary environment.

Handling hazardous substances and materials

Working with chemicals, medications, or handling materials such as soiled dressings or linens that may carry infectious agents.

User Needs

In every healthcare application involving contact with patients, chemicals, or hazardous materials, safety gloves are crucial in protecting healthcare workers and preventing the spread of infections.

This is why gloves used in the healthcare sector must meet strict standards for durability, comfort, and barrier protection, while also providing dexterity for those more precise tasks. The user needs for the healthcare sector also include but are not limited to:

Latex free varieties
Latex free gloves are recommended by the HSE for all areas of the healthcare sector to prevent allergic reactions and the development of latex sensitivity in both patients and workers. 

Disposable gloves
To help prevent the spread of disease and infections, gloves used in healthcare applications should be single use, disposable gloves only.

Medical grade
It is important for all healthcare workers to wear gloves that meet medical standards for pinholes (AQL 1.5). 

Tear and puncture resistant
For those applications that require working with sharp or abrasive objects such as needles and other medical equipment, gloves should offer adequate tear and puncture resistance. Nitrile gloves are particularly suited to these tasks. 

Good grip
Healthcare workers come into contact with a range of fluids that can compromise grip. Healthcare gloves should offer excellent grip in dry, wet, or oily conditions. 

Dexterity and sensitivity
Flexibility and touch sensitivity is important in many healthcare applications, and as such, safety gloves should offer good dexterity and be lightweight enough to provide touch sensitivity.

Unigloves Healthcare Gloves Solutions

The healthcare sector has extremely high standards for safety and therefore requires the use of only high quality safety gloves. Unigloves has been developing medical and examination gloves for the healthcare sector for decades, and we have worked closely with industry experts to develop gloves that meet their standards for safety, comfort, and versatility.

Our broad range of healthcare gloves includes:

Latex free gloves

Low allergen solutions

Water resistant gloves

Disposable gloves

Nitrile, vinyl, and latex varieties

Regular and extended cuff options

Medical grade gloves

Chemical resistant gloves

Puncture and tear resistant options

Touch screen compatible gloves

Gloves with high touch sensitivity and dexterity

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