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Better for your skin

Developed to maximise barrier protection, enhance grip, reduce strain on eyes and hands, and to guarantee sensitivity and dexterity, our Select Black range is the ideal PPE companion for your tattoo studio. 

Our Select Black gloves and ancillary products have supplied tattoo artists around the world for decades. Designed especially to meet the exacting needs of the tattooing industry and inspired by the creativity and skill of tattoo artists, we have been perfecting our Select Black range of products for over 25 years.

Hand, wrist and forearm protection

Our Select Black range features regular and extended cuff lengths, to offer you a versatile selection of disposable gloves tailored to suit the tattooing industry. 

Reduces eye strain

The matte black finish of our Select Black disposable safety gloves helps to reduce eye strain, while masking blood and ink; making for a more comfortable experience for artist and client, especially during long sittings. 

Better for your skin

Select Black gloves are manufactured using our unique Advanced production method, a proprietary process that makes our gloves softer, easier to don, and more comfortable in use than standard gloves, while significantly reducing risks of allergies.

Beaded cuffs

The beaded cuffs of our Select Black latex and nitrile gloves provide extra strength during donning and help to reduce liquid rollback. 

Medical grade

Tested to EN374, and meeting medical standards for pinholes, these medical grade disposable gloves are resistant to a range of chemicals, feature medium weight construction for added durability while maintaining sensitivity, and protect the wearer from blood-borne pathogens.

Touch screen compatible

Our touch screen compatible gloves mean not needing to remove gloves to use mobile or tablet devices, thus saving on gloves and ensuring ongoing hand safety. 

Powder free

Our powder free nitrile formulations significantly reduce the risk of Type I  sensitivities.

Ancillary products

Our Select Black range features a variety of complementary products for the tattooing studio, including lightweight razors suitable for dry shaving, disposable aprons and mattress covers, textured cups, and moisture resistant lap cloths. 

Use cases

Our Select Black range of disposable safety gloves and ancillary products is the perfect addition to your studio or salon. Featuring robust, medium weight, medical grade construction for superior protection, enhanced grip, matte finish for reduced eye strain, and extended cuffs for wrist and forearm protection. Our ancillary products, including disposable aprons, mattress covers, lap pads, plastic cups, and razors, compliment your Select Black gloves for second-to-none safety and simplicity.

Our Select Black range of gloves and ancillary products have been developed to help you concentrate on the artwork at hand, and not on your safety equipment. For the best quality in safety gloves for your studio or salon, try the Select Black range by Unigloves today. 


The Select Black range has been designed for the tattooing industry. The matte black finish of our Select Black gloves helps to reduce eye strain, while their uniquely textured fingertips ensure enhanced grip, even when coming into contact with ink, water, or blood. Our extended cuff option provides additional protection for the wrist and forearm, whilst the medium weight nitrile and latex construction means more robust gloves for those long hours at work.

Hair and beauty

Keep hands safe from harmful chemicals present in hair and beauty applications with our chemical resistant latex and nitrile Select Black gloves whilst ensuring maximum dexterity for those more delicate of tasks. Their ambidextrous fit means never having to split a pair when replacing a glove, thus reducing wastage and saving time.


The medium weight construction of our Select Black gloves range means better protection against tears and abrasions whilst keeping hands safe from bodily fluids thanks to their medical grade construction.

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