PRO.TECT Heavy Duty Gloves

Unigloves PRO.TECT heavy and ultra heavy-duty gloves; the UK’s leading automotive glove range

Overview and USPs

Created to meet the challenging demands of the automotive industry, our PRO.TECT range has been designed to be stronger, thicker, and tougher than regular disposable gloves. Our heavy duty and ultra heavy duty gloves from the Unigloves PRO.TECT range are extra strong to provide you with a more robust, tear and abrasion resistant, and hard wearing safety glove solution for even your most demanding of applications. 

Maximum grip and dexterity

Our PRO.TECT gloves feature textured palms and fingertips for maximum grip, even in wet or oily conditions. Scoring maximum points for dexterity in international tests, these gloves not only keep hands safe, but also ensure a comfortable, close fit and ongoing performance even after long hours of work in tough conditions. Each of the gloves in our PRO.TECT range is also ambidextrous in fit, which means never having to split a pair when replacing a glove.

Chemical resistance

The latex and nitrile formulations of our PRO.TECT range are tested to EN374, and are resistant to a range of chemicals, including grease and oils, solvents, and other potentially harmful substances regularly encountered in automotive applications.

Silicone free

Our PRO.TECT nitrile gloves are available in silicone free versions, making them ideal for painting and bonding applications, and helping you to maintain a silicone free facility.

Heavy weight construction

Our PRO.TECT range has been designed to stand up to the toughest tasks, which is why each of the gloves in this range feature heavy weight or ultra heavy weight construction. Abrasion and tear resistant in even the most challenging conditions, our PRO.TECT range is robust, long lasting, and offers superior protection for hands.

Touch screen compatible

Our entire PRO.TECT range is touch screen compatible. This means never having to risk the safety of hands by removing a glove when working with mobile or tablet devices.

Medical grade

Tested to AQL 1.5, our PRO.TECT range meets medical standards for pinholes; making them ideal for those medical, laboratory, and pharmaceutical applications which require a more heavy duty safety glove solution.

What Our Customers Say

Use Cases

From their heavy weight construction to enhanced grip formulations, our PRO.TECT range is the ultimate in protection for your more demanding applications. Suitable across a range of industries, thanks to their chemical resistance, medical grade construction, and touch screen compatibility, here are just a few of PRO.TECT range’s most popular applications: 

Automotive applications
From manufacturing, to repair and maintenance, our PRO.TECT range has been designed with the automotive sector in mind. Their heavy duty and ultra heavy duty construction helps these gloves to stand up to even the most demanding of jobs, providing superior abrasion and tear resistance, and chemical resistance. What’s more, touch screen compatibility means never needing to remove gloves when working with screens, while their textured grip means maintaining a hold, even in wet or oily conditions. 

Chemical handling
Whether manufacturing, processing, or simply coming into regular contact with chemicals, ensure the safety of your workers’ hands with our PRO.TECT range. Resistant to a range of chemicals and providing excellent grip in even wet or oily conditions, these gloves are the ideal safety solution for your chemical handling applications. 

Painting and decorating
The silicone free options from our PRO.TECT range means keeping hands safe from a range of hazards whilst ensuring a silicone free facility. Ideal for painting, decorating, and even electronics applications, the PRO.TECT range features several silicone free nitrile varieties. 

Floristry and gardening
The superior tear and abrasion resistance of our heavy duty PRO.TECT gloves make them ideal for floristry and gardening applications, where plants and tools can pose a risk to hands. Robust and long lasting, our PRO.TECT gloves will keep hands protected whilst ensuring excellent dexterity, grip, and comfort, all day long. 

Supremely tough, durable, and long lasting, our heavy duty PRO.TECT range will stand up to the harshest of conditions. Featuring ergonomic designs and superior grip, the PRO.TECT range means never compromising on comfort, performance, or grip, even in wet and oily conditions and after long hours of use.

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