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Disposable Gloves

Our wide range of disposable gloves from Unigloves means no matter your industry or application, we have the perfect safety glove solution for you. From medical-grade gloves to latex- free varieties, food-safe gloves, chemical resistant gloves, and more, our disposable gloves range has been developed to meet the needs of your workplace, ensuring the safety of workers’ hands, as well as ongoing comfort and performance.

Here at Unigloves, we’ve spent over three decades developing our range of disposable gloves. Using the latest in materials, manufacturing processes, and technologies, we’ve developed an excellent selection of versatile safety gloves that will not only protect your workers against the hazards presented by your workplace, but ensure that they are comfortable all day long, and ensure maximum performance. From enhanced grip to chemical resistance, latex- free and low- allergen gloves, powdered and unpowdered varieties, heavy-duty options with tear and puncture resistance, and more, our disposable gloves range offers excellent value for money and incredible versatility.

Whether you require medical-grade examination gloves, gloves for working with food products, or highly protective chemical resistant gloves, our state-of-the-art disposable gloves range features the ideal glove for your workplace. Our disposable gloves range features latex, vinyl, nitrile, and vinyl-nitrile blend materials, to ensure that no matter your unique set of needs, we can provide you with the ultimate safety glove solution. From the superior elasticity of latex to the latex-free chemical resistance offered by nitrile to our easily donned and removed vinyl gloves, the disposable gloves range from Unigloves has been designed to be industry, and application, specific. Be it automotive, engineering, hairdressing, dentistry, healthcare, food processing, or anything in between, our disposable gloves range has your workplace covered.

Discover our full range of disposable gloves today, or get in touch with our team for more information on selecting the perfect disposable glove for your workplace.

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