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Site Gloves

Working on building and construction sites presents a number of threats to workers’ hands. From sharp and abrasive building materials, to potentially harmful tools, chemicals, and more, safe work on site means having an appropriate pair of protective work gloves to safeguard against these hazards.

Unigloves’ range of site gloves is designed to protect hands against a broad range of hazards, so that no matter the task at hand, you can rest assured that your workplace is as safe as possible. Unigloves’ site gloves have been developed to stand up against even the toughest of applications, from bricklaying, to carpentry, ground working, to operating heavy machinery, working with tools and equipment, and even battling the elements on wet winter days.

Site gloves from Unigloves feature a variety of protection options, from high level cut protection to thermal protection, water resistance for working in wet conditions, chemical resistance, odour control, and more. The Unigloves’ range of Nitrex site gloves has been developed to be robust enough to last the distance, strong enough to protect hands, and comfortable enough to ensure reduced fatigue and irritation even after long hours of use.

Browse the full range of Unigloves Nitrex work gloves today or get in touch with our team to find the ideal site glove for protecting hands on your site or to request a sample.

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