Hand protection solutions for workers involved with maintenance, repair, manufacturing, assembly, and handling in the automotive sector.


The automotive sector is, without a doubt, one of the most diverse in terms of safety requirements for protective gloves.

From handling sharp metal sheeting to welding, parts inspection, working with hazardous chemicals, and handling oily and greasy parts, the automotive industry presents a range of safety hazards to workers’ hands that only the right gloves will protect against.

Our range of automotive work gloves is diverse, to meet each one of your safety needs; from cut protection, to superior grip in wet or oily conditions, protection against electrical shocks, excellent dexterity, touch sensitivity, and more.

Automotive Applications

Unigloves’ automotive gloves range is designed to be stronger than other single use safety gloves, to suit the often punishing conditions of automotive applications. Our gloves have been developed with the following automotive applications in mind:


Including production line support and maintenance, equipment repair and maintenance, and assembly and disassembly of equipment.


Including metalworking and assembly operations, handling rough-machined metal parts, and assembly and inspection of components.

Final assembly

Including chassis assembly and body trimming, picking and fastening components, and adjusting parts and systems.


Including press shop operations, handling metal sheets and panels, and handling parts with sharp or rough edges.

Body shop

Including welding, bonding, and riveting, handling structural and body components, and inspection, selecting, and checking of parts.

Paint shop

Including body painting and surface inspection, applying sealers and touching up, and use of cleaning tools and robotic equipment.


Including press injection moulding, handling moulded structural parts, and inspection of parts and equipment.

Transport and logistics

Including delivery of parts to production line, delivery of vehicles to expedition area, and driving forklifts and trailers.

User Needs

The common risks posed to workers in the automotive sector are many and varied, and so too are the hand protection needs for the industry. Requirements for safety gloves in the automotive sector include:

  • Abrasion and cut resistance
    For working with sharp and abrasive tools, sharp metal sheeting, and handling of parts and equipment. 
  • Dexterity and tactility
    For handling small parts and operating equipment. 
  • Excellent grip
    When working with oils and grease, as well as in both wet and dry conditions. 
  • Silicone free options
    To protect products and surfaces when working in painting, assembly, and electronics. 
  • Chemical resistance
    For working with or alongside harsh chemicals. 
  • Heat resistance
    When working with hot tools, equipment, and parts. 
  • Electrical protection
    For working with or alongside electrical equipment and parts. 
  • Low allergen solutions
    Including latex free and accelerator free varieties, for workplaces where Type I and Type IV allergies and sensitivities, or dermatitis and irritation are a concern. 
  • Touch screen compatibility
    For working with touch screens such as tablets and smart phones.

Unigloves Solutions

The best automotive gloves are those designed to protect workers’ hands, as well as the parts and equipment they handle, all whilst being comfortable to wear for those long hours at work.

The Unigloves automotive gloves range has been designed to be more robust than standard safety gloves, providing protection against daily workplace hazards, whilst offering qualities such as form fitting designs, comfortable construction, and durability.

Available across several our catalogue ranges, our automotive sector gloves include:

Disposable nitrile gloves

Cut resistant gloves

Disposable latex gloves

Powder free latex gloves

Touch screen compatible gloves

Silicone free gloves

Electrically insulating gloves

Heat resistant gloves

Firm grip gloves

Reusable Nitrex gloves

Water resistant gloves

Heavy duty gloves

Mechanic gloves

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