Food safe gloves from Unigloves are your trusted barrier for food safety excellence.


Whether handling, preparing, or serving, food industry workers should always be wearing safety gloves. The strict standards and regulations of the food industry, as well as the dedication of your business to the highest safety standards, mean only the highest quality gloves will do.

Unigloves supplies a wide variety of high quality food safe gloves so that no matter the application, you’ll find the ideal glove for your workplace.

Food Applications

The food industry involves a huge range of applications, each requiring certain safety precautions to protect not only food, but workers, equipment, and the end customer. At Unigloves, we’ve worked closely with food industry specialists and understand the many and varied applications for food safe gloves, including

Food handling

Unpacking, sorting, and organising raw ingredients, as well as handling ready to eat foods, require the appropriate safety gloves to prevent the spread of pathogens and allergens (including nuts, for example), and maintain hygiene standards.

Food preparation

Chopping, slicing, and dicing raw ingredients, as well as mixing and assembling dishes can pose a risk to workers’ hands from sharp and abrasive tools. High quality safety gloves protect workers’ hands and prevent cross contamination and the spread of germs.

Food packaging

Packaging food products for distribution or retail sales involves the use of gloves to maintain hygiene and prevent contamination, as well as to protect workers from abrasive or sharp packaging, tools, and materials.

Food service

Serving food in restaurants, cafeterias, or at catering events necessitates the use of gloves to prevent cross-contamination, maintain a clean and hygienic environment, and ensure the trust and comfort of patrons.


Gloves are essential when washing dishes, to protect workers from hot water, detergents, harmful chemicals, and potential hazards associated with broken glass or sharp objects.

User Needs

Safety gloves are essential in the food industry to ensure proper hygiene, prevent cross-contamination, and protect workers from potential hazards. When selecting safety gloves for your food industry business, consider the following features: 

Food safe
Food safe gloves provide increased protection for food products against contaminants from gloves themselves. Only gloves certified as food safe should be used in food handling, packaging, or serving applications. 

Latex free
Latex free workplaces should invest in food safe gloves that are free from latex, such as vinyl gloves or nitrile gloves. 

Tear and puncture resistance
Consider gloves that offer good tear and puncture resistance, to protect workers from sharp and abrasive materials in food preparation and handling applications. 

Disposable gloves
In most food handling, serving, and preparation applications, disposable gloves are ideal, as regular changing of gloves is necessary to prevent cross contamination of food products and the spread of germs. 

Strong grip
Working with food products often means handling wet or oily ingredients. Choose a glove with textured fingers for good grip in dry, wet, or oily conditions. 

Comfort and dexterity
High quality gloves will offer an excellent fit, for comfort and dexterity, helping to prevent fatigue and ensure good grip is maintained. 

Colour options
In the food industry, colour coding of gloves for different applications helps to prevent cross contamination and ensures the highest standards of safety and hygiene. 

Unigloves Food Industry Solutions

Unigloves has been manufacturing high quality disposable gloves for over three decades. We understand that the food industry requires safety glove solutions that not only protect food products and the end customer, but also ensure the comfort of their workers. Our range of food safe gloves has been designed to ensure maximum safety and hygiene, without compromising on comfort. The range of food industry gloves from Unigloves includes:

Latex free varieties

Powder free and accelerator free options

Standard and extend cuff gloves

Certified food safe gloves that meet EU standards

Disposable, single use gloves

Colour varieties for colour coding

Chemical resistant gloves

Tear and puncture resistant solutions 

Strong grip gloves

Form fitting gloves for comfort and dexterity

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