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Welcome to our most advanced glove range yet, Nitrex gloves have been developed to be robust, comfortable and dextrous, and provide excellent value for money. Offering superior grip, thermal insulation, cut and chemical resistance, odour control, and more, this cutting-edge collection of industrial safety gloves offers the ultimate hand protection for your workplace.

Unigloves glove technologies
In developing Nitrex advanced technologies, we consulted with our clients and industry experts to better understand the day-to-day challenges facing their workplaces. Several of our Nitrex gloves feature our unique technologies - NitreGuard® Technology and NitreGrip® Technology – along with Sanitized™ Hygiene and Odour Control Function by Sanitized AG, Switzerland.






Hygiene and Odour Control Fuction

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Enabling the world’s hands to work safely.


From mechanical to thermal protection

Unigloves offers a wide choice of mechanical gloves – our most popular product offering - which has been designed to provide general protection whilst ensuring ongoing comfort and uncompromised performance. The wider Nitrex range has been designed to provide protective properties against a variety of hazards, all whilst ensuring ongoing comfort and uncompromised performance. With options for cut and abrasion resistance, protection against chemicals and extreme temperatures, our industrial work gloves are as versatile as they are robust and are suitable for a wide variety of applications.

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Use cases

Nitrex industrial gloves are suitable for a wide variety of applications, across all industries. From construction to engineering, automotive, medical, food preparation and processing, and more, our Nitrex gloves provide excellent protection, all-day comfort, flexibility, and fantastic grip options. No matter your industry or application, there is a Nitrex glove to suit.

At Unigloves, we understand that worker safety is our customers’ number one priority. Our Nitrex range provides comfort, dexterity, and superior protection against a range of hazards. From cutting hazards to chemicals, thermal risks, abrasions and more, our Nitrex range ensures your workers’ safety in even the toughest conditions, without compromising on comfort or performance.

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