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Medical Gloves

Medical gloves must meet several international standards, including EN455, to be suitable for use in settings such as hospitals, dental practices, care homes, laboratories, and more. Unigloves’ medical grade gloves are tested to meet and exceed EN455 standards for pinholes (AQL 1.5 or better) and offer a variety of other protective properties to keep hands safe in medical and laboratory environments.

Unigloves’ medical gloves are featured in several of our ranges, including Advanced,Vitality, Fortified and Pearl. Each of these ranges has been developed with both protection and comfort in mind, and include additional features such as enhanced grip, chemical resistance, latex and latex free options, powder free gloves, colour varieties for colour coding, and moisturising coatings to keep hands soft and free from dryness and irritation.

Our wide range of medical gloves has been designed not only to meet the high standards set by the medical industry, but also to keep hands comfortable and reduce fatigue, especially considering the long hours of intensive work involved. Disposable medical gloves from Unigloves offer superior flexibility, comfort, and protection, no matter the application.

Browse our full range of medical gloves today, to find the ideal fit for your workplace.

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