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Fishing Gloves

Any experienced fisherman – hobbyist or professional – will know that the right pair of gloves can make all the difference. Fishing can be a hazardous task, and hands are at risk from cuts, scrapes, abrasions, loss of grip, and more. But what makes for a great fishing glove? Protection against cuts and abrasions, longevity, a flexible fit, comfort, and excellent grip in wet or oily conditions are all a must.

Unigloves’ Nitrex range features several robust, durable, industrial gloves that make ideal fishing gloves. Nitrex 360FCT, for example, features Unigloves NitreGrip® Technology, for an assured grip in dry, wet, or oily conditions. When handling wet fishing equipment, slippery fish, or oily bait and tackle, NitreGrip helps the wearer to maintain grip and reduce the force required by the hands. This means reduced fatigue, even after long hours of fishing.

Fishing gloves from Unigloves’ Nitrex range – including Nitrex 275BG, 612, 613, 370W, and more, will help keep hands safe against the multiple hazards of both recreational and commercial fishing, whilst ensuring ongoing grip, comfort, and flexibility. Please browse our range of fishing gloves today and find the perfect glove for your needs.

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