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PPE Gloves

PPE gloves, or safety gloves, are important to any workplace’s personal protective equipment (PPE) solution. PPE gloves protect workers’ hands against all kinds of hazards they may encounter on the job and help to ensure against injuries, dropped tools, damaged equipment, and so much more.

From harmful chemicals to detergents, grease and oils, bodily fluids, pathogens, and other germs, to working with sharp or abrasive materials, or working outside during the winter months – the appropriate personal protective equipment such as safety gloves, or PPE gloves, ensure hands are kept safe, even under the most challenging conditions. Unigloves’ range of PPE gloves includes gloves that offer chemical resistance, cut and abrasion resistance, thermal protection, electrical insulation and protection, superior grip, and more.

We’ve been designing and manufacturing PPE gloves for over 30 years and understand that workplace safety is your number one priority. Unigloves’ range of PPE gloves, including both disposable and industrial varieties, are manufactured to the highest standards to ensure the safety of your workers, equipment, and materials. Our gloves are produced using several proprietary processes and techniques, using the latest glove technology and materials. As one of Europe’s leading safety glove manufacturers, you can rest assured that with Unigloves PPE gloves on site, your workplace has the highest quality in hand and arm protection.

Browse our full range of disposable and industrial PPE gloves to find the perfect safety gloves for your workplace.

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