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Mechanic Gloves

Mechanics can face a huge number of hazards in the workplace on any given day. From working with hazardous chemicals to operating heavy machinery to handling sharp and abrasive tools and parts, a mechanic's hands are put to the test under the most challenging conditions.

Unigloves has been supplying mechanics gloves for decades and, in working closely with the automotive sector, we understand the unique safety needs of the industry's workers. Our PRO.TECT range has been specially developed to meet the challenges facing the automotive sector and features gloves suitable for mechanics that not only protect hands, but also offer ongoing comfort and flexibility.

For applications where disposable gloves – even those as heavy duty as PRO.TECT gloves – just won't cut it; look no further than our Nitrex range. Mechanics gloves from the Nitrex range are robust, reusable, and incredibly heavy duty. These gloves feature a variety of levels of cut and abrasion protection, chemical resistance, and grip. So, no matter the application at hand in a range of mechanics tasks, our Nitrex catalogue features the ideal gloves for your workplace.

Browse our full range of disposable and industrial mechanics gloves below, or reach out to our team for help in finding the best glove for your application.

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