Chemical tested, blue, heavy weight nitrile single use gloves

Sold as a case of 10 boxes (100 gloves per box)

Code: P-GU004X

Product information

  • Latex free nitrile with a chlorinated finish for easy wear and comfort; powder free to stop hands from drying out and designed for use in gardening, painting and automotive work
  • These medical grade gloves are made from nitrile which is latex free and suitable for those with latex allergies; plus the silicone free formulation means no finger marks on metal and glass surfaces
  • A beaded cuff on this multipurpose glove provides extra strength and helps prevent liquid roll back whilst the heavyweight construction is durable and long lasting and suitable for contact with food
  • Textured palms and fingertips provide improved grip; particularly in wet or oily conditions and touchscreen compatibility allows you to use mobile and tablet displays without removing the gloves
  • Heavy duty nitrile glove, food safe, chemical resistant, powder free, chlorinated AQL 1.5 in blue


Meets Medical Standards for Pinholes: PRO.TECT Blue gloves meet medical standards for pinholes, ensuring superior barrier protection against contaminants and pathogens. 

Suitable for Those with Latex Allergies: Free from latex, these gloves are suitable for individuals with latex allergies, providing a safe and comfortable alternative. 

Extra Strong with Liquid Rollback Prevention: Engineered for strength, PRO.TECT Blue gloves offer extra durability and help prevent liquid rollback, ensuring maximum protection in hazardous environments. 

Improved Grip in Wet or Oily Conditions: Featuring textured palms and fingertips, these gloves provide improved grip, even in wet or oily conditions, enhancing safety and control. 

Tough, Durable, and Long-Lasting: Built to last, PRO.TECT Blue gloves are tough, durable, and long-lasting, providing reliable protection over extended periods of use. 

Use with Mobiles/Tablets Without Removing Gloves: With touchscreen compatibility, users can seamlessly operate mobile devices and tablets without the hassle of removing their gloves, optimizing efficiency and productivity. 


Our PRO.TECT Blue gloves are ideal for use in the following sectors: 

  • Automotive maintenance and repair. 
  • Electronics. 
  • Glass. 
  • Manufacturing. 
  • Aerospace. 
  • Engineering. 

In summary, PRO.TECT Blue gloves offer protection and comfort, making them the ideal choice for discerning professionals who demand the best. 

Unigloves PRO.TECT heavy and heavy-duty gloves; the UK’s leading automotive glove range. 

AQL (Freedom from Holes)
Palm Thickness (mm)
Finger Thickness (mm)
External Surface
Cuff Type
Tested for Use with Chemotherapy Drugs
Touchscreen compatible
Liner Material
Coating Type
Nitrile (Flat)
Coating Coverage
Fully Dipped
Food Approved
Sanitized Treated
Impact Protection

Tested to EN374 Type B

Resistant to a range of chemicals

AQL 1.5

Meets medical standards for pinholes

Free from latex

Suitable for those with latex allergies (Type I sensitisation)


Ambidextrous fit means you don’t have to split a pair to replace a damaged glove

Nitrile formulation conforms to the hand during use

Nitrile formulation conforms to the hand during use for a more comfortable fit

Beaded cuff

Beaded cuff provides extra strength during donning and helps prevent liquid roll back

Manufactured with textured palms and fingertips

Textured palms and fingertips provide improved grip, particularly when working in wet or oily conditions

Heavy-weight construction

Heavy-weight construction is tough, durable and long lasting

Touchscreen compatible

Suitable for use with mobile and tablet displays without removing gloves

Compliant with: Personal Protective Equipment Regulation (EU) 2016/425

EN ISO 374-1:2016+A1:2018 EN374-4: 2019 (%)
Sodium hydroxide 40% (K) 6 -78.9
n-heptane (J) 2 51.3
Formaldehyde 37% (T) 4 21.9

EN374-4 Degradation levels indicate the change in puncture resistance of the gloves after exposure to the challenge chemical.

Level 1 2 3 4 5 6
Time >10 >30 >60 >120 >240 >480

This information does not reflect the actual duration of protection in the workplace and the differentiation between mixtures and pure chemicals. The chemical resistance has been assessed under laboratory conditions from samples taken from the palm only and relates only to the chemical tested. It can be different if the chemical is used in a mixture.

It is recommended to check that the gloves are suitable for the intended use because the conditions at the workplace may be different from the type test depending on temperature, abrasion and degradation. When used, protection gloves may provide less resistance to the dangerous chemical due to changes in physical properties. Movement, snagging, rubbing, degradation caused by the chemical contact etc. may reduce the actual use time significantly. For corrosive chemicals, degradation can be the most important factor to consider in selection of chemical resistant gloves.

Before usage, inspect the gloves for any defect or imperfections.

EN ISO 374-5:2016

Bacteria Fungi Virus

The penetration resistance has been assessed under laboratory conditions and relates only to the tested specimen.

PPE certification (2016/425 Module B & Module C2) performed by:

CE: SATRA Technology Europe, Bracetown Business Park, Clonee, D15 YN2P, IRL (Notified Body number 2777)

UKCA: SATRA Technology Centre Ltd, Wyndham Way, Telford Way, Kettering, Northamptonshire, NN16 8SD (Approved Body number: 0321)

Compliant with: Medical Devices Regulation (EU) 2017/745

Class I Medical Device

Other information
Contains accelerators which may cause allergic reactions.

Food safe
Single use only
Does not contain latex
Store between 5 and 40 degrees Celsius
Store in dry conditions
Store away from direct sunlight and heat
Packaging is recyclable
Size (Alpha) Size (Numeric) Code
XS 6 GU0041
S 7 GU0042
M 8 GU0043
L 9 GU0044
XL 10 GU0045

For more information please see the Warehouse Data Sheet.