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Gloves with Grip

When selecting work gloves for your workplace, the level of grip provided by the glove is a key factor to consider. Whether working in wet or oily conditions or with potentially hazardous materials and tools, having gloves with grip is crucial for ensuring workers’ safety.

Here at Unigloves, each of our disposable and reusable safety gloves provides a certain level of grip. However, many of our gloves with grip are designed to provide further enhanced hold under a range of challenging conditions. The textured palms and fingertips featured in many of our gloves mean providing your workers' gloves with fantastic grip that enhance performance and protect against slippage, even when working in wet or oily environments.

For superior grip in a latex glove, look no further than Unigloves Supergrip premium quality disposable latex gloves. Featuring a micro-roughened surface, these medium weight, medical grade gloves provide excellent protection against chemicals and bodily fluids and a superior grip.

Looking for latex free work gloves with grip? Our dispoable range feature latex free options, as well as silicone free, accelerator free, and powder free varieties; offering you a wide range of low allergen solutions suitable for wearers with Type I or Type IV sensitivities. Our PRO.TECT nitrile range features silicone amd several latex free varieties with heavy weight construction for heavy duty abrasion and tear resistance.

For the toughest of tasks, our reusable Nitrex range features cut resistant gloves, thermal gloves, and advanced chemical protection properties, as well as Unigloves NitreGrip™ Technology; a new, advanced surface treatment that provides an assured grip when working in dry, wet or oily conditions. The technology reduces the force needed to grip, thus reducing hand fatigue.

To request a sample or for more information on our gloves with grip and on selecting the ideal safety glove solution for your workplace or application, get in touch with our team.

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