Nitrex 241PF

Blue / Black, PU palm coated, light duty gloves

Sold as a bundle of 10 pairs (6 bundles per full case)

Code: P-241PF-XX

Product information

  • 10 pairs of Unigloves Nitrex 241PF Cut Resistant Gloves with PU palm coating, seamless liner and NitreGuard Technology, in blue/black
  • Unigloves Nitrex 241PF cut resistant gloves allow for unimpeded dexterity and protection from high cut risk tasks; an everyday solution for enhanced safety in the workplace across multiple sectors
  • These gloves are designed for a wide range of protection from cuts, tears, punctures and abrasions; a suitable solution to a variety of potential workplace hazards, to ensure comfort and safety
  • For everything from industrial work to general maintenance, these gloves provide flexibility and dexterity as well as reliable protection against a variety of sharp workplace hazards
  • Featuring NitreGuard Technology, HPPE and a form-fitting design, these cut resistant gloves will withstand more than 30N of pressure; for a durable glove that protects against sharp workplace hazards

Nitrex 241PF Cut Level F (Equiv Level 5) Cut Resistant Gloves

When it comes to hand safety in extreme conditions, not all gloves are created equal. Hand injuries account for a significant percentage of workplace injuries in the UK and Europe, to which cuts and abrasions contribute more than their fair share. Unigloves understands that protecting workers' hands against these types of hazards is the highest priority for all our end users, which is why we've created our reusable Nitrex cut resistant gloves range.

Nitrex 241PF features NitreGuard™ Technology - associated with Nitrex gloves for use in areas with a high cut risk. The technology is related to Nitrex gloves scoring cut levels D to F, only awarded to gloves achieving a straight blade cut resistance of ≥15 Newtons (EN388:2016). Gloves featuring NitreGuard Technology are recommended for use in industries working with glass, sharp metal objects, sharp edges, sharp blades, etc.

Developed with heavy duty and hazardous work in mind, the Nitrex range is designed to withstand the harshest conditions, to prevent workplace injuries whilst being amongst the most comfortable and versatile gloves on the market. Our decades of manufacturing experience and years of research and development have led to the introduction of our most robust and durable gloves yet.

The reusable Nitrex work gloves range is a departure from our traditional disposable glove varieties and provides our end users with a high performing, versatile, and cost-effective safety glove solution which offers second-to-none protection against cuts, tears, punctures, and abrasions.

User benefits:

• Maximum level F (equiv cut level 5) cut resistance
• Robust and resistant to abrasion, tear, and puncture threats
• Enhanced grip in dry environments
• Lint-free hand protection
• Superior dry grip and safe handling prevents product damage

The Nitrex by Unigloves range comprises the essential reusable safety work gloves needed for the most demanding workplaces. Our Nitrex 241PF cut level F (equiv cut level 5) gloves offer wearers the ultimate protection against workplace injury from cuts, tears, punctures, and abrasions.

Conforming to the highest European standards (EN 388 Level F), the medium weight nylon, HPPE, and dual-core steel construction of these level F cut resistant gloves will withstand greater than or equal to 30N of pressure; making them our most durable gloves against the sharp objects, abrasive materials, and tearing hazards in your workplace.
Manufactured with the most challenging of tasks in mind, our Nitrex 241PF cut level F cut resistant gloves are ideally suited to applications in metalworking, plastics, glazing, metal fabrication, and more.

Despite their durable and hard-wearing construction and full glove cut protection (including the back and cuff of the glove), our Nitrex 241PF gloves do not compromise on comfort or dexterity. Featuring a seamless 13 gauge, close-fitting, breathable liner, these gloves offer superior comfort. At the same time, their heavy duty construction and PU palm coating means reduced wear and tear and enhanced dry grip for maximum dexterity.

The hand-like moulding and seamless construction of our Nitrex 241PF gloves mean reduced hand fatigue, and enhanced comfort for wearers, even during extended use; making these some of the most comfortable and robust cut resistant gloves available.

Sectors and applications

Already one of the UK's leading automotive glove manufacturers, Unigloves works tirelessly to produce the highest quality safety gloves for the most demanding industry sectors. We have now expanded the range to include our reusable Nitrex gloves. The introduction of the Nitrex range to Unigloves marks the expansion of one of Europe's leading glove manufacturers to a wide array of industries, including automotive, construction and metal fabrication industry sectors.

Unigloves Nitrex 241PF maximum level, cut resistant PU coated gloves are ideal for use in the following industry sectors:
• Automotive
• Construction
• Metal fabrication
• Assembly
• Machinery & Equipment
• Glass Manufacturing
• Bottling
• Carpentry
• Utility Maintenance

Some of the applications these hard-wearing, cut resistant gloves are particularly suited to include:

Body assembly: Nitrex 241PF gloves are cut resistant to the highest standard, making them ideal for use in the assembly of car body parts in preparation for painting.

Metal fabrication: The cut resistance and robust construction of these gloves mean they'll protect workers' hands against the risks associated with metal fabrication. You can rest assured that hands are always kept safe for the high-risk tasks of handling metal components for screwing, bolting, or welding.

Carpentry: For woodworking tasks involving the cutting and shaping of building materials, our EN388 Level F cut resistance gloves (equiv cut level 5) will protect hands against cuts, abrasions, punctures, and tears.

Internal cabling: Cabling tasks can involve repetitive strain and abrasions leaving hands susceptible to cuts, abrasions, and irritation. Our Nitrex 241PF gloves not only protect hands against cuts and abrasions in cabling applications, but also offer wearers all-day comfort and superior dexterity thanks to their seamless, medium weight, and extremely flexible construction.

The flexible PU palm coating and machine knitted, breathable, seamless 13 gauge liner means these gloves are not only impressive under extreme conditions but are also incredibly comfortable to wear and offer high levels of dexterity for those more delicate of tasks. Whether working with small components and in need of precise handling abilities, or being subjected to an increased risk of cuts from sharp blades and other abrasive objects, you can rest assured that your workers' hands are protected, without compromising on performance.

For advanced cut resistance in the most challenging of environments, only Unigloves' Nitrex range will do. From body assembly to metal fabrication, glazing, press and stamping, plastic injection and moulding, sheet metal handling and cutting, plastering, carpentry, or internal cabling – our Nitrex 241PF cut resistant gloves are the perfect work glove solution for your workplace.


Black, Blue
AQL (Freedom from Holes)
Palm Thickness (mm)
Finger Thickness (mm)
External Surface
Hand specific
Cuff Type
Tested for Use with Chemotherapy Drugs
Touchscreen compatible
Liner Material
HPPE, Nylon, Spandex, Steel
Coating Type
Coating Coverage
Palm Coated
Food Approved
Sanitized Treated
Impact Protection

Featuring Unigloves NitreGuard Technology

Unigloves NitreGuard Technology is awarded to gloves achieving a high-performance in the straight blade cut test

13 gauge seamless nylon liner with HPPE and dual core steel

Medium weight seamless nylon liner with HPPE and steel is breathable but still delivers maximum cut protection. At the same time providing good dexterity and flex to reduce hand fatigue

Cut resistant level F

Protects to the maximum EN ISO cut level F (≥30N), ideal for use in areas with a high level of cut hazards

PU palm coating

The breathable PU palm coating is comfortable to wear

Excellent abrasion and tear properties

Maximum abrasion and tear offers ultimate protection in use and increases the life of the glove

Ideal for dry environments

Excellent dry grip giving enhanced dexterity for close work where cut hazards are a risk


Gloves have been tested in the palm area
Fit for special purpose (if size does not meet minimum length requirement)

Model Description
241PF Supported gloves with polyurethane coating
Sizes 7-8-9-10


Test 1 2 3 4 5
Abrasion resistance 100 500 2000 8000 /
Cut resistance  (coupe test)

1.2 2.5 5 10 20
Tearing resistance 10 25 50 75 /
Puncture resistance 20 60 100 150 /
Cut resistance (ISO test) A B C D E
Size (Alpha) Size (Numeric) Code
S 7 241PF-07
M 8 241PF-08
L 9 241PF-09
XL 10 241PF-10

For more information please see the Warehouse Data Sheet.