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Builders Gloves

Builder’s’ hands can take a real beating – from handling rough bricks and raw wood edges to using hazardous tools and equipment, and everything in between. Only the most robust and heavy duty builders gloves will do, when it comes to keeping hands protected on a building site.

A good pair of builders gloves should incorporate cut resistance, abrasion resistance, strong grip in the dry or wet, and offer suitable flexibility for the task at hand. No matter what the application, builders gloves should also be comfortable, to help reduce fatigue after long hours working on site.

Builders gloves from Unigloves’ industrial Nitrex range offer a variety of features, from cut and abrasion resistance to excellent grip in wet or dry conditions, chemical resistance, thermal protection, superior comfort and flexibility, and more.

For a more lightweight glove designed for tackling precision tasks, Unigloves heavy duty disposable PRO.TECT range is the ideal solution. Browse our full range of builders gloves, in both industrial and disposable varieties, and find the ideal glove for your worksite today.

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