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Biodegradable Gloves

While latex gloves are made from a natural rubber compound and are naturally biodegradable, the same can’t be said for most nitrile gloves. Traditionally, nitrile gloves have not been biodegradable, as they’re made from a synthetic compound that takes many years to decompose. If your business, like many others in the United Kingdom and throughout the world, is hoping to make more environmentally friendly decisions when it comes to purchasing safety gloves, look no further than Unigloves’ biodegradable nitrile disposable gloves.

Unigloves BioTouch nitrile gloves, available in two colours, Violet Blue and Black, are high quality, disposable biodegradable gloves that offer excellent protection properties. This means that alongside making environmentally friendly purchases for your workplace, your workers’ safety is never compromised. BioTouch nitrile gloves are resistant to a range of chemicals, latex free, and meet medical standards for pinholes (AQL 1.5). Featuring beaded cuffs for added strength when donning and reduced liquid rollback, as well as textured fingertips for enhanced grip – particularly in oily or wet conditions – Unigloves BioTouch biodegradable gloves meet the high standards for safety gloves that you’ve come to expect from Unigloves product range.

But what makes BioTouch disposable gloves so special is their biodegradability. While latex gloves are naturally biodegradable, they are not selected for many workplaces due to the possibility of latex sensitivity. The HSE strongly discourages the use of latex gloves in the workplace unless it can be demonstrated there are no suitable alternatives available. Prolonged and repeated contact with latex gloves can also increase the risk of workers developing a latex allergy. For these reasons, nitrile gloves are the preferred choice for many workplaces.

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