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Carpenter Gloves

Carpentry work can pose a range of threats to workers’ hands. From cuts and splinters from working with wood to handling potentially harmful power tools to battling the elements in those cold winter months, working in carpentry means only the highest quality carpenter gloves will do.

Carpenter gloves from Unigloves Nitrex range are designed to offer excellent protection and be comfortable and hard wearing, ensuring reduced fatigue after long hours of use, and longevity of the gloves, under even the toughest conditions.

The Nitrex range of carpenter gloves feature cut and abrasion protection to safeguard hands against cuts and splinters from wood and tools and other equipment. For working in freezing conditions due to cold weather or operating in cold storage environments, Unigloves thermal carpenter gloves provide added thermal heat protection for working with hot tools and equipment. The Nitrex range also features woodworking gloves with odour control, enhanced grip options, and more. Their comfortable inner liners mean reduced fatigue and irritation, even after long hours of use, so neither safety nor productivity is compromised.

For the best protection for hands, only Unigloves carpenter gloves will do. Browse the full selection today or contact our team for assistance in choosing the ideal work glove for your workplace.

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