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Latex Free Gloves

Latex allergies and sensitivities are a factor of concern not only for workers but in settings where contact with the patients or clients with potential latex allergies is necessary. For this reason, many workplaces, including hospitals, dental practices, and more, have chosen to move away from using the traditional latex glove and are opting for latex free gloves instead.

Latex has been the preferred choice of glove material for decades due to the second skin feel, great touch sensitivity, and excellent grip that natural rubber latex offers. However, the design and manufacturing of latex free gloves has come a long way. Unigloves is proud to offer a range of latex free gloves that offer your workplace not only a latex free solution, but provide excellent protection, grip, and comfort. Our latex free gloves are available in vinyl, nitrile, PE and many powder free options. 

With over three decades of experience in developing and manufacturing high quality safety gloves, and through working closely with industry experts, we have a unique and unrivalled understanding of the safety challenges your workplace faces. Protecting your workers’ hands means not only providing excellent barriers to chemicals, and biohazards, but preventing allergic reactions to latex in your team, patients, or clientele. That’s why we’ve developed an extensive range of superior quality, highly protective, and incredibly versatile latex free gloves.

Browse our full range of latex free gloves or contact our team today to request a sample or for more information on the right gloves for your workplace.

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