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Gloves for
Handling Bricks

Not all safety gloves are created equal. When it comes to construction sites and warehouse work, a variety of safety risks present threats to workers' hands. Handling bricks requires the use of specialist bricklaying gloves to protect workers' hands and ensure ongoing comfort even after long hours of use.

Unigloves has developed a range of gloves for handling bricks, which feature extra protection for this heavy duty task. Our Nitrex bricklaying gloves are ideal for both construction sites and warehouse work with bricks, and feature cut and abrasion protection, excellent grip (even in wet or oily conditions), and the added comfort of being flexible and dextrous. The Unigloves range for handling bricks also feature thermal protection options for working in cold conditions, water resistant varieties, and more.

Designed to be strong enough to stand up to even the most arduous tasks, Unigloves bricklaying gloves are comfortable enough to wear all day long, reducing fatigue and irritation. Featuring comfortable liners, robust outer construction for excellent grip and protection, and available in a range of sizes, Unigloves Nitrex bricklaying gloves are the ideal solution for all your bricklaying applications.

For more information about work gloves for handling bricks, get in touch with the Unigloves team today.

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