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Medical Supplies

As one of Europe’s leading safety glove manufacturers, we have been providing the medical and healthcare sectors with medical supplies – namely, medical- grade examination gloves – for over 30 years. Our disposable safety gloves feature as an important component in any PPE regimen and are therefore one of the most important medical supplies for your workplace.

From face masks to full hazmat suits, the range of medical supplies and medical equipment required for the protection of both clients and workers in a medical setting is staggering. And yet, the most fundamental and vital piece of first- defence equipment against hazards faced in your workplace is the humble safety glove. Our range of examination gloves has been tested to meet the European standards for protection, including an AQL rating of 1.5 (medical standard for pinholes), and includes a range of advanced features and manufacturing processes to ensure superior safety, comfort, and value for money.

Medical supplies, including safety gloves, must offer not only protection for workers’ hands but must also protect clients, patients, materials, products, and more, from contamination and contact with hazards. From biohazards such as viruses and bacteria to hazardous chemicals, abrasive materials, and more, your safety gloves and other medical supplies must contain a range of protective properties. Our medical examination gloves protect against not only biohazards found in blood and bodily fluids, but also against chemicals, tears and abrasions. Featuring options such as beaded cuffs for extra strength, chemical resistance, tear and abrasion resistance, AQL 1.5 ratings, powdered and powder-free options, ambidextrous fit for greater versatility, touchscreen compatibility, latex-free varieties, and more, our examination gloves are the ideal addition to your medical supplies.

Available in vinyl, nitrile, and latex varieties, our examination gloves range is versatile and designed to meet your safety needs for your workplace’s specific applications. From dentistry to medical examinations, to laboratory work, to cleaning in medical environments, our safety gloves form an integral part of your medical supplies and equipment.

Discover our full range of medical supplies today, or get in touch with our team for more information on selecting the ideal safety glove solution for your workplace.

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