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Non Latex Gloves

Latex allergies and sensitivities are becoming quite a common concern for many workplaces around the globe. More likely to occur in individuals who come into regular contact with natural rubber latex, latex allergies are a serious concern not only for workers but for those they encounter – particularly in medical and healthcare settings. For this reason, having high quality latex glove alternatives is crucial for many a workplace.

Unigloves has developed a wide range of non latex gloves (or latex free gloves) that not only reduce the risk of allergic reactions to latex but offer excellent protection against a variety of workplace hazards. Our non latex gloves include disposable vinyl, nitrile, nitrile/vinyl blend, and PE formulations. 

With over 30 years of experience in manufacturing the highest quality hand protection for the healthcare and industrial markets, we are uniquely aware of the allergen and sensitivity challenges facing your workplace. That’s why, alongside our selection of non latex gloves, we also provide a range of powder free and accelerator free gloves for workplaces where both Type I and Type IV sensitivities are a concern.

To request a sample or for more information on our non latex gloves and for help selecting the ideal glove for your workplace or application, contact our team today.

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