Nitrex 680

Black, flock lined, latex, heavy duty gauntlets

Sold as a bundle of 10 pairs (6 bundles per full case)

Code: P-680-XX

Product information

  • 10 pairs of Unigloves Nitrex 680 Flock Lined Latex Chemical Resistant Gloves with slip-resistant diamond grip pattern for enhanced grip, in black
  • Unigloves Nitrex 680 chemical resistant gloves offer protection against various chemicals but are also safe for food handling, helping to ensure workers' comfort and safety across many sectors
  • These chemical resistant gloves will protect the hands, wrists and lower arms; featuring a diamond non-slip pattern for enhanced grip, for reliable safety and performance
  • Designed for protection against an array of chemicals, these gloves protect you from daily hazards with a smooth chlorinated surface for added flexibility; suitable for jet washing
  • The chemical resistant latex with a moisture-wicking cotton flock lining, along with a beaded cuff make the Unigloves Nitrex 680 gloves a fitting choice for comfortable protection

Nitrex 680 Chemical Resistant Gloves

Although all workplaces can pose safety risks, some sectors and applications present more hazards than others. From cleaning and janitorial work to maintenance, chemical handling, and more, our Nitrex by Unigloves range includes a variety of heavy duty options for the higher risk tasks your workers may encounter. Featuring robust and long-wearing safety glove varieties, our Nitrex range has been designed to stand up to even the toughest of jobs.

Our Nitrex Chemical Resistant Gloves range has been specially designed to withstand contact with the hazardous chemicals present in many workplaces today. From domestic cleaning products to more dangerous chemicals, our chemical resistant latex gloves will ensure hands are kept safe and comfortable all day long.
The Nitrex 680 chemical gloves are one of our heavy duty latex products, developed to withstand contact with chemicals without compromising on comfort or flexibility. Food certified and featuring excellent grip; these flock lined latex gloves are a versatile and hard-wearing glove for your most demanding applications.

Nitrex 680 Chemical Resistant Gloves User Benefits

• Heavy duty flock lined gauntlet glove
• Chemical resistant
• Smooth chlorinated surface
• Slip resistant diamond grip pattern for enhanced grip
• Approved for use in food handling and processing
• Tested to European standards EN388, EN420, EN374-1, EN374-2, EN-374-4, EN374-5

Chemical resistance is your first priority when selecting a safety glove for use in cleaning tasks that involve contact with detergents, household or industrial cleaning products, and other hazardous chemicals. Our Nitrex Chemical Resistant Gloves range has been designed to help you ensure hands are kept safe from a range of chemicals, whilst maintaining comfort, grip, and performance.

In many cleaning tasks, the risk of splashback or liquid rollback beyond the hands is another important factor to consider. The Nitrex 680 chemical gloves are a heavy duty latex gauntlet glove, providing an effective shield against a number of chemicals, and offering protection for the hands, wrists, and lower arms. The natural light weight cotton flock is designed to wick moisture away from the hands, keeping them dry and fresh. This is particularly important in repetitive cleaning applications, where repeated usage can wear down lesser gloves and cause irritation to the hands.

The chlorination treatment these heavy duty chemical gloves undergo in manufacturing helps to harden the surface, leaving it smooth to the touch. The non-slip diamond pattern of the palm and fingertips means excellent grip in both dry and wet conditions. Ergonomically designed our Nitrex 680 black flocked lined rubber gloves are incredibly comfortable, helping to reduce fatigue even after extended use.

These versatile rubber gloves are not only perfect for chemical applications but are also food certified, making them safe for use in food handling and processing applications. Ideal for all your cleaning tasks – be they domestic or industrial – involving contact with chemicals, or food handling applications.

Sectors and applications

Latex chemical gauntlets are ideal for a range of sectors and applications, given their versatility, protective properties, and the excellent dexterity they offer. Even our most heavy duty latex work gloves offer wearers high flexibility and dexterity, as well as ongoing comfort, protection, and strength.

Featuring a cotton flock lining, our Nitrex 680 heavy duty chemical gloves keep hands dry and fresh all day while providing excellent protection against chemicals, fantastic grip, and superior flexibility.
Unigloves Nitrex 680 Chemical Resistant Gloves are an ideal work glove solution for a broad range of applications, including:
• Janitorial
• Cleaning
• Maintenance
• Kitchen Work
• Waste Management
• Food processing and handling
• Local Authority

Some of the applications heavy duty chemical gloves are particularly suited to include:

Handling of food: Certified as safe for use with all food types, the Nitrex 680 chemical gloves are a great safety glove solution for all your food handling applications. Resistant to punctures and to a range of chemicals, these gloves will keep hands, wrists, and lower arms safe whilst ensuring against contamination of food products.

Cleaning tasks: A heavy duty work glove with excellent chemical resistance, the Nitrex 680 flock lined latex gloves will stand up against a wide range of cleaning products, including hazardous chemicals, and are able to withstand repeated scrubbing, rubbing, and contact with chemicals, all whilst keeping hands dry, fresh and comfortable all day.

Light maintenance tasks: For light maintenance tasks that require both chemical resistance and robustness, these heavy duty latex chemical gloves are an ideal solution. With excellent grip, thanks to their slip resistant palm and fingertip patterning, the Nitrex 680 black flocked rubber gloves are a highly dextrous and flexible work glove solution with excellent protective properties.

Nitrex 680 black heavy duty chemical gloves are a fantastic slip resistant, food safe, and highly flexible safety glove for all manner of applications. From low-level risks from domestic cleaning products to food handling, waste management, and even water-based chemical handling, these long-wristed gauntlet gloves provide superior protection for the hands, wrists, and lower arms. Remaining comfortable thanks to their flock lining and ergonomic design, even after hours of use, Unigloves Nitrex 680 chemical resistant gloves are a versatile and robust addition to your PPE.

AQL (Freedom from Holes)
Palm Thickness (mm)
Finger Thickness (mm)
External Surface
Diamond Textured
Hand specific
Cuff Type
Tested for Use with Chemotherapy Drugs
Touchscreen compatible
Liner Material
Cotton Flock Lining
Coating Type
Latex (Flat)
Coating Coverage
Fully Dipped
Food Approved
Sanitized Treated
Impact Protection

Heavy duty flock lined latex gauntlet

A heavy weight glove that will stand up to repeated use, rubbing and scubbing with a soft cotton flock lining that absorbs perspiration, keeping hands cool and fresh

Chlorinated surface

Treated to harden the surface leaving it smooth to the touch

Ergonomically shaped

The ergonomic design make the glove comfortable to wear for long periods and reduces hand fatigue

Diamond textured grip pattern on palm

Non slip diamond textured pattern on the palm provides confident grip

Food approved

Approved for use in food environments

Chemical resistance

Resistant to a range of chemicals

Beaded cuff

The beaded cuff adds additional strength to the material and prevents liquids from rolling back down the arm


Gloves have been tested in the palm area
Fit for special purpose (if size does not meet minimum length requirement)

Model Description
680 Unsupported latex glove with flock
Sizes 6-7-8-9-10


Test 1 2 3 4 5
Abrasion resistance 100 500 2000 8000 /
Cut resistance (coupe test) 1.2 2.5 5 10 20
Tearing resistance 10 25 50 75 /
Puncture resistance 20 60 100 150 /
Cut resistance (ISO test) A B C D E

EN 374-1:2016 

Chemical Code Level Degradation %
Methanol A 3 7.2
Sodium hydroxide 40% K 6 -15.4
Sulfuric acid 96% L 4 25.0
Nitric acid 65% M 6 13.7
Acetic acid 99% N 4 24.9
Ammonium hydroxide 25% O 3 -33.8
Hydrogen peroxide 30% P 6 2.6
Formaldehyde 37% T 6 0.4
Size (Alpha) Size (Numeric) Code
XS 6 680-06
S 7 680-07
M 8 680-08
L 9 680-09
XL 10 680-10

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