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  • 6 October, 2022
  • Donald Gillespie

When selecting the best industrial work glove for your workplace, you might be looking for strength, comfort, and protection against hazards like cuts and abrasions, cold weather, or even contact with harmful chemicals. Although these are important to consider when selecting a pair of work gloves, one feature that shouldn’t be overlooked is the grip.

A glove's grip can be the difference between safety and workplace injury. A pair of gloves with a good grip will enhance safety and increase productivity and make for a more comfortable wear for the user. This article reveals how to select the best grip work glove for your workplace to ensure maximum safety and comfort without compromising performance.

What makes for the best grip industrial work gloves?

The appropriate level of grip in an industrial glove allows for safer control, reduced likelihood of accidents due to dropped objects, and better comfort for the wearer. Depending on the level of dexterity, durability and protection required, a variety of materials can be used to enhance the grip of gloves so be sure to consider the conditions and environment when selecting a glove.

An industrial workers handling recycled cans with sharp edges while wearing Unigloves Nitrex 245N gloves for protection.

Here are some of the materials that make for the best grip industrial gloves, and their suitability for different conditions:


Nitrile is a synthetic compound that offers chemical, puncture, and abrasion resistance as well as superior grip. It is also resistant to many chemicals, solvents, greases, oils, and water, and so makes for a great liquid resistant and chemical resistant glove.

Nitrile gloves are a great alternative to latex for a couple of reasons. Firstly, they are suitable for use by those who suffer from latex allergies or sensitivity. Secondly, whereas latex is susceptible to degradation from oils and grease, nitrile is resistant to these – making nitrile a preferred choice in these types of applications. Unigloves manufactures a range of nitrile gloves using a variety of different coatings and treatments, including:

  • Foam nitrile coated gloves: Offering resistance to oils and grease, flexible foam nitrile coating wicks away moisture from the hand. Palm coated versions allow for breathability on the back of the hand, while ensuring maximum grip, making it incredibly versatile.

  • Sandy nitrile coated gloves: For resistance to oils and grease and a physical barrier to materials, liquids, and abrasive objects. The sandy nitrile coating gives exceptional grip in dry, wet, or oily conditions as well as added protection against tears and abrasions.

  • Flat nitrile coating: This coating offers flexibility and dexterity, superior grip in dry and damp conditions whilst offering excellent tear and abrasion resistance.


Latex is one of the most popular materials due to its elasticity, comfort and excellent dexterity. This coating also provides excellent grip in dry or wet conditions however is not suitable for contact with oils or greases, as these can degrade the material. Latex gloves that make for the best grip work gloves feature:

  • Crinkle latex coating: For superior dry and wet grip (not suitable for oils and grease) and good tear and abrasion protection.

  • Foam latex coating: Flexible and extremely comfortable offering superb grip in dry and wet conditions, making it perfect for a wide variety of handling duties. The foam latex moulds to the hand, giving outstanding fit and feel.

A mechanic working on a car engine wearing Unigloves Nitrex 270NPF for hand protection.

Unigloves NitreGrip® Technology for best grip industrial gloves

Unigloves NitreGrip Technology is an advanced surface treatment that provides an assured grip when working in dry, wet, or oily conditions. The technology reduces the force needed to grip and thus reduces hand fatigue. If the best grip work gloves are your number one priority, look for Unigloves gloves featuring NitreGrip.

Our top picks for best grip industrial work gloves

The Unigloves range features a number of work gloves with excellent grip across our workwear and disposable categories. Featuring high quality materials and several of our proprietary processes and treatments, our grip glove range has the ideal glove solution for your workplace. Here is a selection of our best grip work gloves.

Best grip industrial gloves


Nitrex 270NFP Gloves

Nitrex 270NFP
Lightweight grip gloves

  • Featuring Unigloves NitreGrip technology for an assured grip when working in dry, wet, and oily conditions
  • 15 gauge seamless nylon liner that is ultra light and comfortable, giving excellent fit and feel
  • ¾ sandy nitrile coating provides back of hand protection and is resistant to oils and grease
  • Abrasion resistant sandy nitrile palm coating for excellent tear and abrasion protection as well as a durable and consistent coating that ensures against liquid ingress
  • Approved for use with all food types

Nitrex 245N Gloves

Nitrex 245N
Cut resistant grip gloves

  • Featuring Unigloves NitreGuard® technology for cut resistance (cut level D)
  • Featuring Unigloves NitreGrip technology for assured grip in wet, dry, or oily conditions
  • 13 gauge seamless polyester/nylon liner with HPPE, basalt, and steel for breathability, excellent dexterity, and flexibility
  • Sandy nitrile palm coating that is resistant to oils and grease and gives excellent grip in dry, wet, or oily environments
  • Excellent abrasion and tear resistance for added hand protection and increased life of the glove
  • Reinforced thumb crotch for extra protection when working with abrasive materials
  • Elasticated knitted wrist for a secure fit that keeps hands free of dust ingress

Nitrex 340RF Gloves

Nitrex 340RF
Best cut resistant with heat resistance grip gloves

  • Featuring Unigloves NitreGuard technology for cut resistance (cut level D)
  • Featuring Unigloves Sanitized Hygiene and Odour Control Function for reduced microbial growth and neutralised odours
  • 13 gauge seamless nylon liner with HPPE and encapsulated glass fibre for breathability and added cut protection
  • Foam nitrile palm coating wicks away moisture and is resistant to oils and grease while allowing breathability at the back of the hand
  • Reinforced thumb crotch for extra protection when handling abrasive materials
  • Touch screen compatible so that gloves need not be removed for working with touch screens
  • Contact heat resistant up to 100°C

A construction worker handling metal wearing Unigloves Nitrex 340RF gloves for hand protection.

Disposable best grip work gloves

Our extensive heavy-duty disposables are available in both latex and nitrile offering exceptional grip.

Unigloves PRO.TECT range comes in an assortment of colours, lengths and thicknesses, offering maximum grip performance, chemical resistance and touchscreen capability.

Featuring comfort, protection, and of course, excellent grip, our best grip work gloves will enhance both safety and performance in your workplace.

Browse the full range of best grip work gloves from Unigloves below or contact our team for assistance in selecting the ideal work glove for your workplace today.

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