Why choose our hybrid vinyl nitrile gloves?

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  • 24 November, 2020
  • Donald Gillespie

Since 1988, Unigloves has been protecting hands and preventing the spread of disease by manufacturing high-quality disposable safety gloves. Over the last 30 years, we’ve invested heavily in research and innovation, to bring our customers the latest safety glove solutions.

Our focus is and has always been, on developing the most effective protective gloves for workers across a vast range of industries, making sure we’ve got the perfect glove for every task. In keeping with this aim, we have developed our unique vinyl nitrile gloves, which offer a comfortable and versatile alternative to the traditional vinyl and nitrile glove solutions.

What are vinyl gloves?

Vinyl gloves are a popular choice of glove found in many workplaces around the globe. Not only do vinyl gloves offer protection against a range of potential hazards (including those found in both household and industrial applications), they are generally a less expensive option than their latex or nitrile counterparts.

Composed of a synthetic material knows as PVC, or polyvinyl chloride, they are a latex free option for workplaces or home users looking to ensure against allergic reactions related to latex.

While vinyl gloves offer a lesser degree of durability than nitrile gloves, they tend to be preferred for use in industries where regular removal and replacement are required, and where long-term or higher risk usage is not a factor. These types of applications include food preparation, cleaning, and painting, to name just a few.

A pair of vinyl gloves lying on a table.

What are nitrile gloves?

Nitrile gloves are one of the most popular protective glove varieties on the market, thanks to the versatility, level of resistance to many chemicals, and comfort that they offer wearers.

Made from a synthetic rubber compound, nitrile gloves can provide an excellent alternative to latex for those workplaces that have determined latex allergies to be a risk factor. In workplaces where latex gloves may be traditionally preferred, nitrile gloves are becoming an increasingly popular choice because of their high level of touch sensitivity, puncture resistance, and durability.

Many nitrile glove varieties are also medical grade (if manufactured to EN455 standard) and come in both powdered and powder free varieties. These factors mean that today, nitrile gloves can be found in almost any workplace. Their most common applications, however, include healthcare and hospital work, dentistry, automotive, emergency services and cleaning.

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What are vinyl nitrile gloves?

At Unigloves, we’ve seen demand for nitrile gloves rise steadily over the years, which is why we’ve developed an extensive range of nitrile glove solutions to suit a vast range of workplace applications. However, vinyl gloves are still a popular choice of disposable glove for many workplaces due to their ease of use, and the fact that they are often a less expensive option for workplaces that experience a high turnover of gloves.

It became clear to us that a vinyl-nitrile hybrid could present our customers an ideal alternative solution, offering not only a high degree of protection but a superior level of comfort and dexterity, as well as value for money. As a result, the Unicare Unitrile glove was born.

A pair of hybrid vinyl nitrile gloves being worn as PPE.

This nitrile vinyl glove is composed of a blend of high-quality polyvinyl chloride and acrylonitrile, butadiene and carboxylic acid monomers. Our unique blend offers the best of both worlds, combining vinyl and nitrile glove attributes to create a superior level of comfort and performance as well as being excellent value for money, when compared with traditional vinyl gloves.

Why choose vinyl nitrile gloves?

The innovative Unigloves Unitrile vinyl nitrile glove is the perfect alternative to latex or vinyl glove varieties. Our Unitrile gloves are tested to EN1186, and they are not only safe for use with food but are also medical grade, meeting medical standards for pinholes with an AQL 1.5 rating. Their latex free, powder free, and accelerator-free formulation makes them suitable for use by those with latex allergies (Type I sensitisation), and they also reduce the risk of particulate contamination of skin, clothing, surfaces, and other materials.

Where vinyl gloves are less elastic than nitrile varieties and do not fit firmly against the hand, vinyl nitrile gloves offer a high level of elasticity and comfort, providing the wearer with a superior fit, firm grip, and greater dexterity, touch sensitivity, and comfort.

Hybrid vinyl nitrile gloves are a favourite in the food industry, healthcare and hygiene sectors, and cleaning industry, as well as many others.

Unigloves Unitrile vinyl nitrile gloves

Our vinyl nitryl gloves blend the best of both vinyl and nitrile gloves, to offer an extremely comfortable glove with a higher level of dexterity and a firmer fit than traditional vinyl gloves. The Unicare Unitrile glove features include:

  • AQL 1.5
  • Latex free formula
  • Powder free formula
  • Tested to EN1186
  • Heavy-weight construction

A box of Unigloves Unitrile vinyl nitrile gloves.

Suitable for contact with all food types and medical grade, Unitrile gloves are ideal for a wide variety of applications. Their heavy-weight construction is more robust and long-lasting and offers users a higher level of protection and durability than traditional vinyl gloves. Their beaded cuff provides extra strength during donning and helps to minimise liquid rollback. These superior features make them a perfect solution for a range of applications, from food handling and preparation to janitorial and cleaning work, care work, healthcare and clinical applications, dentistry and dental hygiene, and painting and dyeing work.

As Europe’s leading disposable safety glove manufacturer, we’re dedicated to bringing our customers the most innovative, high-quality and cost-effective gloves on the market.

Our revolutionary Unitrile gloves are a high-quality blend of vinyl and nitrile materials which offer our customers the perfect disposable glove solution for a broad range of applications. These gloves work to ensure not only the safety of your workers – which is your highest priority - but also their comfort. Long-lasting, durable, and form-fitting, our Unigloves’ Unitrile gloves are a great value solution with superior performance.

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