Introducing Derma Shield:
Your Ultimate
Skin Protection Companion

  • 4 minute read
  • 8 April, 2024
  • Rosie Walden

We're thrilled to announce the launch of our revolutionary product, Derma Shield. A game-changer in skin protection and hydration. Derma Shield is more than just your regular skin barrier cream; it's a shield that keeps your skin healthy, moisturised, and safe from various irritants all at once. Explore the incredible benefits of Derma Shield and why it deserves a place in your workplace, with real reviews from real people.

Moisturises, Nurtures & Protects

Derma Shield's invisible, non-greasy, and moisturising barrier protects all skin areas. It guards against grease, oil, coolants, de-greasers, acids, bases, adhesives, and sealants. Derma Shield isn't just about skin protection; it leaves your skin feeling moisturised, nurtured and protected. Our remarkable product forms an invisible, non-greasy shield that protects your skin and maintains its proper hydration levels. Derma Shield is formulated using the finest ingredients and enriched with pharmaceutical-grade moisturisers like Aloe Vera and Vitamin E. It encourages a supple, itch-free outer layer as it forms a breathable and waterproof shield. Say goodbye to dry, flaky skin and hello to a soft, protected, and healthy complexion.

"Wow! Just wow! Amazed. Thought our swimming days were over, after coming out in a hot, itchy rash that made face swell up and hands crack .. I am absolutely amazed, [this mousse] worked! We love swimming and this product has really saved the day, we had a slight tingle to the face but think that's because we missed places with the mousse. We did not have a rash, tingling, burning or cracked skin. I am over the moon."

Stronger Skin Protection for Hands & Face

 The repeated use of sanitisers can often leave your skin feeling dry and irritated. This is where Derma Shield steps in. Clinical studies have shown that Derma Shield enhances the effectiveness of hand sanitisers, reducing bacterial counts more effectively than sanitiser alone. Your skin remains perfectly normal to touch and maintains its natural moisture balance, allowing it to breathe and perspire naturally. What's more, it stays on your skin even after repeated washing, providing up to 4 hours of continuous skin protection.

Your Dermatitis Treatment

One of Derma Shield's most impressive features is its ability to prevent and control irritant contact dermatitis as it helps stop your skin from drying out and creates microscopic shield to protect your skin against common skin irritants. These include but aren't limited to chlorine, cleaning solutions, washing up liquid, oils, general industrial dirt & grime, and gardening chemicals. Trials involving dermatitis treatment have shown a 97% positive result. By using Derma Shield, you can enjoy peace of mind knowing that your skin is protected from everyday hazards.

"Washing up and washing hands was taking its toll and that turned into dermatitis. After treating the problem I got this barrier cream to stop it coming back. It definitely works. It comes out as a foam and soaks into the skin very quickly. It doesn't leave your hands 'greasy' and lasts for hours. A very good product."

UK Manufactured

Quality matters when it comes to a protective barrier cream, and Derma Shield is no exception. Our quality checks ensure that Derma Shield minimises risk and maximises performance, providing you with a product that is as safe as it can be. Derma Shield is so safe that it can be used in food preparation areas. It is non-toxic, fragrance-free, and leaves no residue when handling foodstuffs. This makes it a versatile product suitable for both adults and children.

"I have Rheumatoid Arthritis and one of the side effects is sore, dry and splitting skin on my hands. I have tried lots of different creams from the doctors, but many of those thin the skin so it continues splitting. I tried this after googling and being directed to this mousse. I was sceptical because it's a light mousse, not sticky, and actually leaves your skin feeling soft … it really does protect you against any allergens. Mine was predominantly water so I had difficulty washing without my hands drying and splitting. I have now seen my doctor who has prescribed this, he even says he will advise other patients about the mousse."

In conclusion, Derma Shield is a groundbreaking product that will revolutionise your workplace. Say goodbye to dry, irritated skin and hello to a new level of skin protection and hydration. Give Derma Shield a try and experience the difference for yourself. A dermatitis treatment, moisturising skin barrier, and the ultimate skin protection. Simply rub a golf ball-sized amount of Derma Shield into clean, dry skin, and you're good to go. Medically proven to help keep your skin protected!

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