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Latex Free Gloves?

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  • 21 January, 2021
  • Donald Gillespie

When most people think of disposable safety gloves, latex gloves are the first things that come to mind. However, in recent years, the use of latex gloves has dwindled. Thanks to a greater level of knowledge about latex allergies in workplaces throughout Europe and the United Kingdom, as well as changes to workplace health and safety guidelines, latex free gloves are becoming a more popular solution.

Here at Unigloves, we specialise in designing and manufacturing the highest quality in disposable safety gloves; helping you to keep your workers’ hands safe from harm, no matter the application. Our wide range of gloves includes both latex and latex free glove varieties, to offer the greatest selection for your workplace and to ensure you select the perfect safety glove for your application, every time.

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What are latex free gloves?

Essentially, latex free gloves are any gloves made from non-latex materials. There are a variety of disposable latex free gloves available on the market today, and the most common of these are nitrile, vinyl, and polyethylene gloves. However, there are also blended glove options to be found, including nitrile/vinyl blends, for example, as well as non-disposable varieties.

These man-made or synthetic materials do not contain natural rubber latex (NRL), a naturally-occurring substance containing a protein which can cause irritation and allergic reactions in people who are allergic or sensitised to NRL.

Latex free gloves being manufactured. Unigloves are the leading UK manufacturer of disposable gloves.

Why choose latex free gloves?

Latex gloves have traditionally been found in a wide variety of workplaces, including everywhere from dental practices to hospitals and health care environments, to manufacturing applications, automotive assembly, painting and printing settings, and more. Their flexibility and high levels of touch sensitivity make latex gloves a versatile and comfortable solution for a range of situations. However, the use of latex gloves is reducing in many workplaces due to the increase in awareness surrounding latex allergies.

According to the Health and Safety Executive, latex sensitisation and allergies are common in many workplaces, as well as throughout the general population. They are more likely to occur in those who come into regular contact with NRL. Natural rubber latex proteins can cause asthma and dermatitis, and in more severe reactions, respiratory issues, and anaphylactic shock.

Whilst the amount of exposure required to induce a reaction is not known, the HSE recommends avoiding the use of latex wherever possible. And so, in order for workplaces to keep their workers safe, as well as the public, patients, or clients they may come into contact with, many now choose to steer clear of latex gloves entirely.

Latex free gloves, including nitrile gloves or vinyl gloves, provide an excellent alternative to latex, depending on the application.

Latex free gloves being worn by a food preparation worker.

Unigloves latex free gloves

Selecting the appropriate variety on non-latex disposable safety glove is, of course, crucial. At Unigloves, we manufacture a wide selection of latex free gloves, to help you select a glove which not only protects your workers from hazards in the workplace, but is comfortable to wear, and incredibly versatile. Our range of latex-free gloves include nitrile, vinyl, nitrile/vinyl blend and polyethylene gloves. Here are just a few popular gloves from our range:

Vitality Moisturising Gloves:

Rough and damaged hands can be painful and debilitating, particularly when you rely on your hands for work. Our Vitality range has been designed to be more comfortable to wear and to help hands stay nourished throughout the day. Manufactured with invisible coatings of natural moisturisers and vitamins, our Vitality gloves help to rehydrate the skin and reduce visible dryness.

These gloves are particularly suited to those suffering from dermatitis due to regular wearing of gloves and repeated handwashing; helping to keep hands comfortable and nourished all day long. The light citrus scent makes for a more pleasant patient and worker experience, which is why these gloves are a popular solution for our clients in healthcare, care work, and nursing home fields. Our Vitality range also includes mint-scented options and scent-free varieties. See the full Vitality range here.

Fortified Antimicrobial Gloves:

Free from latex and powder, these nitrile gloves help to reduce the risk of both Type I and Type IV sensitisation, while the advanced BioCote® silver ion technology has been proven to materially reduce microbes in just 15 minutes, with reductions of up to 99.5% achieved in 2 hours. This technology helps to reduce the risk of contamination from microbes like bacteria and mould, whilst combining puncture and chemical resistance with comfort and a superior fit. They’re also tested to EN1186, making them safe for use with all food types.

Unicare Unitrile – nitrile/vinyl hybrid gloves:

These medical grade, heavy weight gloves are manufactured with a blend of nitrile and vinyl, offering users superior levels of comfort and versatility over traditional vinyl gloves. The nitrile/vinyl blend of our Unitrile gloves offer higher levels of protection against a range of hazards, including hydrocarbons found in antifreeze, paint and paint thinners, petrol, oils, and more.

Tested to EN1186, they are safe for contact with all food types, as well as meeting medical standards for pinholes. Their beaded cuff offers extra resistance to tearing, making them easier to don and remove, whilst their touchscreen compatibility means there’s no need to remove the gloves when operating mobile phone or tablet devices.

Unigloves latex free gloves being worn by a male worker.

At Unigloves, we have dedicated our 30+ years to developing and manufacturing the highest quality in disposable safety gloves; assisting you in keeping your workplaces, workers, and the public safe from a range of workplace hazards.

No matter your application, we’ve got the ideal latex free glove solution. Browse our full product range to discover our many latex free glove varieties, or get in touch with our team to help select the perfect glove for your application today.

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