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Industrial Glove Range


We're excited to announce we're more than doubling our range of protective gloves to over 100 disposable and reusable gloves covering all major hand protection risks. 

If you use or sell gloves, here are three reasons to choose industrial gloves from Unigloves.

1. We know gloves

we know our gloves-unigloves-nitrex-reusable-rangeOur team of experts has been manufacturing and distributing gloves for over 30 years across five continents. 

Our business is entirely focused on hand protection. Since 1989 we've manufactured billions of gloves in our group-owned factories in Seremban, Malaysia. For our new range of industrial gloves, we're working with hand-picked partners who share our ethos and match our desire to produce only the highest quality that meets glove users' needs.

2. A glove for every task

every task_-unigloves-reusable-new-product-nitrex-launchWe already had the widest and most innovative range of disposable gloves. We've added over thirty industrial gloves, and our combined range now protects against all major risk categories, including chemical, cut, impact, thermal and electrical risks. 

Whatever your industry, from Aerospace through to Zoology, we'll ensure your hands are protected. 

3. Industry-leading service

industry leaders-unigloves-nitrex-reusable-new-product-launchThe Covid pandemic caused a worldwide shortage of medical gloves. Despite this, we increased supply to our distributors by more than 20%, while at the same time supporting the NHS and frontline staff with specialised glove needs. 

If you're using gloves, our team are keen to understand your needs and help ensure you have the best possible protection for your hands. If you're selling gloves, we'd love to tell you more about our track record, who we work with, and how we can help you provide the best possible product and service to your customers. 

Whether you're using our gloves or selling them, our team has everything you need to support and guide you along the way. 

If you'd like to find out how our new industrial range can benefit you, leave your details HERE and we'll be in touch.


And to conclude, the Unigloves vision and mission 

 By understanding both our distributors' and our end users' needs, anticipating how they will evolve in the future, and focusing on hand protection solutions for them in the long term, we can build on our vision. 

Unigloves-Blog-main-body-nitrex-resuableOur mission is to improve peoples' safety and health both at work and home by providing protective products and services, so our business is built upon the simple founding principle of Keeping You Safe. 

Our core values are not only the essence and building blocks of the Unigloves brand but are also lived and breathed by our team when running and managing our business. 


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