Nitrex 247S

Grey, cut resistant, food approved, light duty sleeves

Sold as a bundle of 10 units (3 bundles per full case)

Code: P-247S-XX

Product information

  • Grey cut resistant 45cm sleeve with Velcro® fastening
  • Features Unigloves NitreGuard® Technology due to the high-performance in the straight blade cut test
  • Seamless knitted sleeve offers unrivalled comfort whilst offering cut level E protection for the lower and upper arms
  • Velcro® fastener allows full adjustability and allows the sleeve to be worn over clothing
  • Comfortable, breathable and lightweight

Nitrex 247S Protective Arm Sleeves

Superior protection and high performance are at the heart of everything we do at Unigloves. From disposable gloves to Derma Shield skin protectant to our latest range of premium, work gloves in the Nitrex range, including our protective arm sleeves - we help you ensure the safety of your workforce whilst ensuring maximum performance in any application.

Our Nitrex range is comprised of an advanced collection of safety gloves and protective arm sleeves and features several of our new technologies, including our cut protection innovation, Unigloves NitreGuard™ Technology. Applied to products achieving high-performance in the straight blade cut test, NitreGuard™ ensures excellent cut protection for all your high cutting risk applications.

Nitrex 247S Protective Arm Sleeve is an important addition to your PPE (Personal Protective Equipment), offering lower and upper arm protection. Featuring our Unigloves NitreGuard Technology, these arm protectors will keep wrists and lower and upper arms safe from cutting hazards and help wearers maintain the flexibility and dexterity required to perform their everyday tasks. Designed to be worn alongside your preferred Nitrex safety glove, our Nitrex 247S is the ultimate safety companion.

Nitrex 247S user benefits:

• Featuring Unigloves NitreGuard™ Technology
• 13 gauge seamless knitted sleeve with HPPE and encapsulated glass fibre
• Cut resistant level E
• Velcro® fastener
• Thumb slot
• Food approved

As our customers have come to expect from Unigloves, we continue to develop and expand our categories to bring you the latest in hand protection. We understand that the threat does not stop at the hands when it comes to protecting your workforce against risks. That's why we have developed our highly protective, Nitrex arm sleeves. Like our Nitrex Cut Resistant Glove range, our Nitrex 247S features Unigloves NitreGuard Technology. Achieving a cut level E rating (EN388: 2016, equivalent to cut level 5), these sleeves ensure that not only are the hands and wrists protected against cuts but so too the lower and upper arms. The 18-inch / 45cm sleeves ensure full lower-arm protection that extends onto the upper arm, whilst the thumb slot allows for seamless integration with your favourite cut resistant safety glove.

The seamless 13 gauge knitted sleeve with HPPE and encapsulated glass fibre offers unrivalled comfort whilst providing high levels of cut protection and tear resistance. So, no matter the sharp or abrasive objects your workers encounter throughout their workday; their safety is never compromised. In addition, the Velcro fastener allows for full adjustability and means that the sleeve can be worn over clothing and extra layers in cold conditions. The soft, stretchy thumb slot ensures a comfortable fit under gloves so that even after long hours of use, hands are free from irritation and are less fatigued.

Safety sleeves used in food processing, preparation, and contact must be manufactured in such a way as to ensure that the materials present in the sleeves pose no risk to human health or the integrity of the product. Food producers, processors, and handlers must meet strict safety standards and ensure all measures are taken to prevent the risk of contamination.

Sectors and applications

Cutting risks are a hazard to wrists, upper and lower arms. Our 45cm (18 inches) protective arm sleeves ensure extended protection from high-level cutting risks, as well as defence against scrapes, scratches, and grazes from abrasive materials. Offering excellent dexterity and flexibility, as well as ongoing comfort, Nitrex 247S is an essential addition to your workplace PPE.

Unigloves Nitrex 247S protective arm sleeves are ideally suited to the following sectors:
• Construction
• Maintenance
• Automotive
• Metal Fabrication
• Glazing
• Engineering and Manufacturing
• Transport and Logistics
• Manufacturing
• Recycling
• Food

Automotive: For superior cut resistance for the lower and upper arms, Nitrex 247S is a valuable piece of safety equipment. Featuring Unigloves NitreGuard Technology for cut level E protection and a 13 gauge seamless knitted sleeve with HPPE and encapsulated glass fibre for additional protection against tears and abrasions, these flexible arm protectors will keep arms safeguarded against harm without compromising on comfort or performance.

Construction: Construction sites contain a range of hazards. From cutting risks to abrasions, construction applications require the use of personal safety equipment. Our Nitrex 247S arm sleeves can be used with our Nitrex work gloves to offer upper and lower arm protection against cuts, tears and abrasions.

Food contact and processing: Applications in the food sector are many and varied, and as such, food manufacturers and catering businesses must consider a versatile and robust hand and arm safety solution. To stave off risks of contamination whilst protecting workers’ arms against cuts, tears, and abrasions, only a food certified, cut resistant safety sleeve will do. Nitrex 247S cut resistant sleeves provide excellent protection against cuts from sharp objects such as knives and other equipment and are certified safe for use with all food types – making them ideal for use with butcher gloves to food preparation gloves; and more.

Waste management: Protect your workers' arms against the myriad of threats posed by waste collection with our Nitrex 247S protective arm sleeves. The seamless knitted construction comprises HPPE and encapsulated glass fibre, Featuring NitreGuard Technology, a Velcro fastener, flexible and comfortable thumb slot, Nitrex 247S arm sleeves protect against high-level cutting and abrasion threats in your workplace. For superior protection and ongoing comfort throughout the day, there's no beating Unigloves Nitrex 247S arm protectors.

For advanced cut resistance in the most challenging of environments, only Unigloves' Nitrex range will do. From food handling to body assembly, metal fabrication, glazing, press and stamping, plastic injection and moulding, sheet metal handling and cutting, plastering, carpentry, or internal cabling – our Nitrex 247S cut resistant sleeves are the perfect arm protection solution for your workplace.


AQL (Freedom from Holes)
Palm Thickness (mm)
Finger Thickness (mm)
External Surface
Cuff Type
Tested for Use with Chemotherapy Drugs
Touchscreen compatible
Liner Material
Glass, HPPE, Nylon, Polyester
Coating Type
Coating Coverage
Food Approved
Sanitized Treated
Impact Protection

Featuring Unigloves NitreGuard Technology

Unigloves NitreGuard Technology is awarded to gloves achieving a high performance in the straight blade cut test

13 gauge seamless knitted sleeve with HPPE and encapsulated glass fibre

Seamless knitted sleeve offers unrivaled comfort whilst offering high levels of cut protection to the lower and upper arms

Cut resistant level E

EN ISO cut level E (≥22N & <30N) designed to protect against high level cut hazards

Velcro fastener

Velcro fastener allows full adjustability and allows the sleeve to be worn over clothing in cold conditions

Thumb slot

Soft stretchy thumb slot area allows for a comfortable fit under gloves

Food approved

Suitable for contact with all foodstuffs


Gloves have been tested in the palm area
Fit for special purpose (if size does not meet minimum length requirement)

Model Description
247S Nylon & HPPE fibre sleeve 18"
Sizes Universal


Test 1 2 3 4 5
Abrasion resistance 100 500 2000 8000 /
Cut resistance (coupe test) 1.2 2.5 5 10 20
Tearing resistance 10 25 50 75 /
Puncture resistance 20 60 100 150 /
Cut resistance (ISO test) A B C D E
Size (Alpha) Size (Numeric) Code

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