Nitrex 255RP

Nitrex 255RP Red / Black, water based PU coated sustainable seamless liner, superlight duty gloves

Sold as a bundle of 5 pairs (12 bundles per full case)

Code: P-255RP-XX

Product information

  • Designed to help sustain our planet, certified to OEKO-TEX® STANDARD 100 and delivered in plastic-free packaging
  • The 15 gauge sustainable seamless liner is made from 50% recycled polyester yarn, committed to Net Zero and reducing our carbon footprint
  • Superlight duty liners and water based PU palm coating offers excellent grip, dexterity and flexibility to reduce hand fatigue
  • Touch screen compatible without having to remove the gloves and put hands at risk of injury
  • Designed for a wide range of mechanical applications, these gloves are a suitable solution to a variety of potential workplace hazards, helping to ensure workers' comfort and safety

PU Palm Coated Touch Screen Work Gloves | Nitrex 255RP

Unigloves Nitrex gloves are the benchmark for excellence in hand protection. This range of industrial safety gloves is not only multi-functional, but designed to meet the need for comfort, protection, and value for money. Protecting wearers against a range of high risk hazards, from cuts and abrasions to temperature changes, chemicals, impact injuries, and more, the Nitrex range is as versatile as it is robust.

Now, with the introduction of our Sustainable Range, Unigloves is committed to becoming a leader in eco conscious hand protection solutions. We understand that our customers are increasingly concerned about protecting the health of the planet and their workers, which is why we’ve developed a range of environmentally friendly safety gloves, certified to OEKO-TEX® STANDARD 100. This means these gloves are not only kinder to the planet but contain no harmful substances that could impact workers’ health.

We’re so committed to these initiatives, as well as achieving Net Zero, that we have partnered with Ecologi. When it comes to safety, durability, and sustainability, there’s no beating the Unigloves Nitrex Sustainable Range.

User benefits:
  • Designed to help sustain our planet
  • Committed to achieving Net Zero
  • Certified to OEKO-TEX® STANDARD 100
  • Partnered with Ecologi and Plastic Bank
  • 15 gauge sustainable seamless liner (RCS Accredited)
  • Water-based PU palm coating
  • Touch screen compatible
Nitrex 255RP sustainable, water based PU palm coated gloves are our breathable and designed with a 50% recycled platic polyester yarn liner, contributing to a 15.4g CO2 equivalent reduction in our carbon footprint per pair. As we’re committed to minimising our environmental impact wherever possible, we have also developed plastic free inner packaging for the entire Nitrex sustainable range.

But the environmental efforts at Unigloves don’t stop at our gloves and packaging. In partnership with Ecologi, we neutralise any unavoidable emissions related to this product by funding projects aimed at removing carbon directly from the atmosphere. 

Nitrex 255RP breathable work gloves are independently certified by OEKO-TEX® STANDARD 100 , ensuring they have been rigorously tested and certified as free from harmful substances. The superlight duty liner of Nitrex 255RP offers unparalleled dexterity and flexibility, reducing hand fatigue during extended use. With RCS (Recycled Claim Standard) certification, you can trust our commitment to manufacturing products containing recycled materials, while never compromising on comfort or protection.

One of the other standout features of Nitrex 255RP gloves is their touchscreen compatibility. Users can operate touchscreen devices such as mobile phones or tablets, without having to remove the gloves, therefore keeping hands protected from potential injuries at all times. In addition, the durable, water-based PU construction of Nitrex 255RP ensures excellent grip in both dry and damp conditions. This unique combination of durability, breathability, and dexterity makes these gloves perfect for a wide range of applications, no matter how challenging the conditions.

Sectors and applications

As the UK and Europe’s leading safety glove manufacturer, we’re committed not only to meeting the safety needs of your workplace but helping you achieve your commitment to the health of workers and the environment. That’s why Nitrex 255RP water based PU palm coated gloves have been designed, manufactured, and tested to be hard wearing, comfortable, sustainable, and free from harmful substances.

Our Nitrex 255RP sustainable touch screen gloves are ideal for use in the following sectors:

  • Automotive
  • Automotive Aftermarket
  • Industrial
  • Transport
  • Warehousing
  • Logistics
  • Utilities
  • Construction
  • Engineering
  • General Maintenance
Some of the applications these sustainable gloves are particularly suited to include:

Light manual tasks: For light manual tasks, Nitrex 255RP gloves provide excellent dexterity and flexibility, allowing workers to perform their duties efficiently without compromising on hand protection. The superlight duty liner reduces hand fatigue, ensuring comfort even after long hours of use.

Assembly of parts: When it comes to parts assembly, precision is key. Nitrex 255RP gloves offer superior grip in both dry and damp conditions, thanks to their water based PU coating. This feature enables the precise handling of components and reduces the risk of dropping or damaging items during the assembly process.

Picking and packing orders: In picking and packing orders, speed and accuracy are crucial. Nitrex 255RP gloves' impressive dexterity and touchscreen compatibility make them perfect for this type of application. Workers can seamlessly operate touchscreens for inventory management and order processing without having to remove the gloves, maintaining productivity while keeping hands protected.

Close precision work: Close precision work often requires intricate handling and careful manoeuvring of small parts or tools. Nitrex 255RP gloves deliver exceptional tactile sensitivity, allowing users to perform delicate tasks with ease and confidence. The OEKO-TEX® STANDARD 100 accreditation ensure workers can focus on their tasks without the worry of harmful substances 

Nitrex 255RP sustainable gloves not only safeguard hands but also help preserve our planet by incorporating recycled materials. Meanwhile, Unigloves maintains a commitment to reducing carbon emissions and supporting vital environmental initiatives through our partnership with Ecologi and Plastic Bank. Make a positive impact on both your workplace safety and the environment today, with Nitrex 255RP PU palm coated gloves.

Black, Red
AQL (Freedom from Holes)
Palm Thickness (mm)
Finger Thickness (mm)
External Surface
Hand specific
Cuff Type
Tested for Use with Chemotherapy Drugs
Touchscreen compatible
Liner Material
Polyester, Recycled Polyester
Coating Type
Water Based Polyurethane
Coating Coverage
Palm Coated
Food Approved
Sanitized Treated
Impact Protection

Designed to help sustain our planet

Nitrex 255RP sustainable seamless liners are designed with 50% recycled polyester yarn* reducing our carbon footprint by 15.4g CO2 equivalent / pair** The finished good uses plastic-free inner packaging
*based on size 10
** versus virgin material

Committed to achieving Net Zero

Through Ecologi, we neutralise any emissions we cannot avoid related to this product, by funding projects that remove carbon directly from the atmosphere

Certified to OEKO-TEX® STANDARD 100

Independently certified by OEKO-TEX® STANDARD 100, tested for harmful substances

15 gauge sustainable seamless liner

Superlight duty liner offers excellent dexterity and flexibility to reduce hand fatigue

RCS (Recycled Claim Standard) Accredited

The RCS is associated with products containing recycled materials

Water-based PU palm coating

Durable and environmentally friendly, water-based PU allows dexterity and excellent dry / damp grip

Touch screen compatible

The product allows use of touch screens without having to remove the gloves and put hands at risk of injury

Contact heat resistant

Contact heat resistant to temperatures up to 100°C


Gloves have been tested in the palm area
Fit for special purpose (if size does not meet minimum length requirement)

Model Description
255RP Supported gloves with water based PU coating 
Sizes 6-7-8-9-10-11


Test 1 2 3 4 5
Abrasion resistance 100 500 2000 8000 /
Cut resistance (coupe test) 1.2 2.5 5 10 20
Tearing resistance 10 25 50 75 /
Puncture resistance 20 60 100 150 /
Cut resistance (ISO test) A B C D E


Thermal Data Level Property Level 1 Level 2 Level 3 Level 4
Limited Flame Spread  X After flame (sec) ≤15 ≤10 ≤3 ≤2
X After glow time (sec) N/A ≤120 ≤25 ≤5
Contact Heat 1 Contact temperature (°C) 100° 250° 350° 500°
Convective Heat X Heat transfer HTI (sec) ≥4 ≥7 ≥10 ≥18
Radiant Heat X Heat transfer HTI (sec) ≥7 ≥20 ≥50 ≥95
Small Splashes of Molten Metal X Number of droplets ≥10 ≥15 ≥25 ≥35
Large Splashes of Molten Metal X Molten in (grs) 30 60 120 200
Size (Alpha) Size (Numeric) Code
XS 6 255RP-06
S 7 255RP-07
XL 10 255RP-10
L 9 255RP-09
M 8 255RP-08
XXL 11 255RP-11

For more information please see the Warehouse Data Sheet.