Best Industrial Gloves
for Builders' Hands

  • 4 minute read
  • 8 September, 2022
  • Donald Gillespie

Hands are perhaps the most essential tool a builder has. And yet, dry, sore, cracked, and damaged hands affect many builders, making it hard to do even the most basic jobs.

Exposure to the elements and contact with rough objects and even hazardous materials like cement and other chemicals are a daily occurrence for builders and practically impossible to avoid. That is unless you're equipped with work gloves made with builders' hands in mind (see our builders gloves).

Here, we reveal how to care for your hands, including using the best work gloves for builders' hands.


Caring for builders' hands

Daily exposure to the harsh UK elements, building materials such as cement, regular hand washing, daily wear and tear and regular bumps and bruises are the unavoidable hazards of being a builder. Unfortunately, the combined effects of these hazards can be especially hard on the skin, particularly on the hands. For builders, dry, sore, and cracked hands can be more than a painful nuisance.

In fact, dermatitis and other skin problems arising from building work can impact daily life and even result in being unable to make a living. That's why taking proper care of builders' hands is crucial. Here are a few simple things you can do to take care of your hands, no matter the conditions:

  • Avoid harsh soaps: Some soaps contain detergents that can cause further dryness and soreness to hands, especially if they are already damaged. To prevent dry and cracked hands, use a gentle hand wash that contains moisturisers, where possible.

  • Moisturise: Hand creams can help to replenish lost moisture and protect hands against further drying, cracking and soreness. For additional protection, use a barrier cream such as Unigloves Derma Shield, which is dispensed as a light mousse, and acts not only as a moisturiser but also nurtures and protects the skin and is recommended for use with gloves.

  • Wear appropriate gloves: Builders' hands are subjected to a wide variety of irritating and damaging materials every day, and there is only so much that moisturising can do to protect them. Your builders' hands need a pair of robust work gloves designed not only to protect hands from external hazards but to care for the hands while being worn.

A builder wearing Unigloves Nitrex gloves to help protect his hands from manual handling injuries and the cold weather. There is a lot of snow on the ground.

Best industrial work gloves for builders' hands

Unigloves has been designing safety gloves for tough jobs for over 30 years. We combine the latest in technology with the highest quality of materials to bring you gloves that not only protect hands against even the harshest materials but care for the hands by reducing fatigue, irritation, and strain. Here are our top picks for the best work gloves for builders' hands:

Work gloves for builders' hands:

  • Nitrex 245N Sandy Nitrile GlovesNitrex 245N: Featuring both Unigloves' NitreGuard™ and NitreGrip™ Technology, as well as sandy nitrile palm coating, the Nitrex 245N cut resistant gloves offer protection against high level cut hazards (EN ISO cut level D), as well as exceptional grip in dry, wet, and oily conditions.

    The 13 gauge seamless, knitted polyester and nylon liner with HPPE, basalt, and steel is comfortable, breathable and offers excellent flexibility and dexterity, which helps to reduce hand fatigue even after long hours of wear. In addition, the reinforced thumb crotch of the Nitrex 245N is extremely resistant to abrasive materials and helps to extend the life of the gloves.

    Unigloves' Nitrex 245N is a robust and incredibly versatile glove for builders' hands, providing protection against everyday builders' applications as well as more high risk tasks; making it the ideal all rounder glove for anything the construction site can throw at hands.

  • Nitrex 299T Latex Coated Fleece Lined Work Gloves.Nitrex 299T: Being a builder in the UK means facing some extreme elements, especially in the winter. Particularly in the cold weather, builders' hands can suffer. That's why it is so important to have the right glove for the job.

    The Nitrex 299T is a thermal protective glove, providing a barrier against the cold, thanks to its seamless, knitted fleece liner. Keeping hands warm whilst maintaining breathability, the Nitrex 299T glove features a crinkle latex coating for maximum grip in dry and wet conditions, whilst offering great flexibility and protection against tears and abrasions.

    Also featuring Unigloves' unique Sanitized Hygiene and Odour Control Function, these thermal protective work gloves neutralise odours and reduce microbial growth, for healthier builders' hands.

A builder wearing Unigloves Nitrex gloves to help protect his hands from manual handling injuries. He is handling a large piece of wood.

Disposable gloves for builders' hands:

  • A box of PRO.TECT Black HD+ heavy duty extended cuff black nitrile gloves.PRO.TECT Black HD+: Our PRO.TECT disposable range has been developed with heavy duty tasks in mind. The PRO.TECT Black HD+ gloves feature an extended cuff for wrist and forearm protection, as well as heavyweight construction for durable, long-lasting protection against tears, abrasions, and even chemicals.

    Their ambidextrous fit means never having to split a pair to replace a glove, while the nitrile formulation conforms to the hands for a more comfortable fit, maintaining dexterity and sensitivity of touch for those more intricate tasks. Their textured palms and fingertips mean excellent grip, even when working in wet or oily conditions.

    The touch screen compatible formulation, meanwhile, means never having to remove a glove to work with a mobile phone or tablet displays, thus providing protection even when working with devices.

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