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  • 1 October, 2020
  • Donald Gillespie

As businesses, we are always trying to make the best purchasing decisions in order to save money and maintain quality. However, when it comes to cheap latex gloves, you could end up costing your business much more than just money in the long run. In this article, we uncover the true cost of cheap latex gloves and why your business should always invest in quality over price concessions.

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What makes cheap latex gloves cheaper?

Several factors play into the cost of latex gloves. These include raw materials, manufacturing processes, and quality control. Whilst there is no shortage of cheap latex glove options to be found online, have you thought about what goes into the production of your gloves?

Raw materials: The raw materials used in disposable gloves, especially in cheap latex gloves, can cause sensitivity and allergies in some wearers; leading to skin conditions and even more serious reactions such as respiratory issues and anaphylaxis. Higher quality gloves from trusted manufacturers are generally produced using higher quality materials which are less likely to cause irritation and allergic reactions.

Another factor to consider is chemical accelerators used in the manufacturing process of disposable gloves. These accelerators can lead to Type IV sensitivity, caused by contact with irritating materials. To avoid these kinds of reactions, choose gloves which are accelerator free, phthalate free, and/or treated to reduce latex protein levels.

Note: Phthalates are inexpensive chemical additives used to make gloves (particularly vinyl) more flexible and harder to break. Chemical accelerators, on the other hand, are used to stabilise raw materials such as latex and nitrile. While accelerators are a necessary additive in the production of all latex gloves, the processes used by some manufacturers can help to reduce the likelihood of sensitivity and allergic reactions for wearers.

Manufacturing processes: Along with cheaper raw materials, most inexpensive disposable gloves are produces using cheap phthalates and/or chemical accelerators and aren’t subject to advanced treatment processes which help to reduce the likelihood of Type I and Type IV sensitivities. When it comes to latex gloves, powder free and low-protein versions, while more expensive to manufacture, reduce the likelihood of Type I sensitisation (latex allergy) in wearers and those they come into contact with, as well as reducing the likelihood of particulate contamination in the workplace.

Selecting gloves from a manufacturer dedicated to using the latest in advanced technology and manufacturing processes can ensure that your gloves are treated to the highest standard, are safer to use, and are more robust than their cheaper alternatives.

Quality control and testing standards: There are a number of testing standards used throughout the United Kingdom and Europe, which ensure that disposable gloves meet quality standards for factors such as suitability as medical grade gloves, safety for contact with food, chemical and puncture resistance, and more.

Quality control checks are important for latex gloves safety.

Many international manufacturers do not produce gloves to meet these standards, and therefore, offer cheaper and lower quality options for purchase online and through other distribution channels. Always consult the manufacturer’s product guide to ensure that the appropriate quality standards have been met, to ensure not only the safety of your workers, but of your products, and your customers.

Why you should avoid cheap latex gloves

The cost of PPE gloves (personal protective equipment gloves) to businesses can be a significant one, and it can be tempting to try to reduce these expenses by purchasing cheaper alternatives such as inexpensive latex gloves.

Unfortunately, in the long run, these cheap products can cost more – not only in terms of money, but in a higher turnover of materials, a greater number of safety hazards, and reduced productivity. Not only do cheaper disposable gloves, including cheap latex gloves, tend to be less robust (leading to more regular tearing and breakages), they are also more likely to cause irritation and sensitisation (including latex allergies) in wearers.

Each of these factors leads to a reduction in productivity and can potentially cause costly health and safety incidences. The most effective way to avoid these costs is to invest in higher quality alternatives, which are not only safer to use but more long-wearing, comfortable, and robust.

Avoid buying cheap latex gloves.

The Unigloves quality promise

Since 1988, Unigloves has been dedicated to protecting hands, preventing the spread of disease, and saving lives. You’ll find our products in households, laboratories, factories, beauty salons, food processing environments, healthcare sectors and more, around the globe. As one of the world’s leading glove manufacturers, we are continually innovating and revolutionising our manufacturing processes to bring our customers the highest quality in disposable safety gloves.

“We believe in a world where everyone has the right to lead a safe and healthy life, protected from unnecessary risks. Our vision is to create that world.


To deliver on our mission to protect people’s safety through protective products and services, we conduct extensive research and invest in the latest technologies and processes to develop our extensive range of safety gloves. Our products adhere to stringent safety and testing standards, so that our customers can rest assured in the knowledge that our safety gloves are of the highest quality and provide the best protection available.

The Unigloves design and manufacturing philosophy optimises not only the safety of wearers, but also prioritises comfort, durability, and value for money. Furthermore, we are dedicated to spreading the message of workplace health and safety through education and training provided to our distributors and end users, as well as offering workplace safety surveys.

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Unigloves latex glove treatments

To deliver our customers the highest quality in disposable latex gloves, we use several treatments and manufacturing processes, including our proprietary processes. These include:

Chlorination: The process of chlorination helps to reduce tackiness in gloves, and therefore improve the ease of donning and removal. Used as an alternative to powdering gloves, this process can help to reduce the likelihood of particulate contamination and Type I and IV sensitivities (including latex allergies) in wearers. Extra washing during chlorination can also assist in reducing the level of soluble latex proteins in latex gloves. Unigloves Supergrip powder free latex examination gloves, for example, are manufactured with our proprietary single-chlorination process. Our Comfort gloves are chlorinated on both sides to produce an exceptionally soft and low-grip glove.

Our Cleanse+ process requires gloves to be washed for up to three times longer than regular examination gloves, thus significantly reducing chemical and soluble latex protein levels. 

Leaching: This washing process is used to remove or ‘denature’ natural water-soluble proteins and remove adverse materials such as processing chemical residues. Water or wet gel leaching helps to wash out excess additives from previous stages, such as coagulant, and during this stage, chemical and protein content of gloves is also reduced. Dry film leaching is similar to wet film leaching, except it is carried out on the dry or ‘vulcanised’ latex film. Most cheap disposable gloves are not subjected to this process (or are subjected to an inferior process), resulting in gloves with higher levels of chemical residue and soluble latex proteins. Our EasyDon proprietary process ensures that gloves are chlorinated on both the inside and outside areas of the cuff, to reduce tackiness and improve donning. 

Moisturising: Our Vitality range is manufactured using our proprietary moisturising coating which traps moisture and reduces visible dryness; thus protecting hands from dryness and irritation. Our Vitality range has been independently tested and proven to be better for your hands than other, non-coated alternatives.

Moisturiser being applied to a hand after wearing cheap latex gloves.


Unigloves latex gloves

Our extensive range of latex gloves offers a number of pricing and protective options, to provide our customers the perfect solution, no matter the application.

Unicare latex gloves: Our entry-level, high-value Unicare range has been developed to provide exceptional levels of comfort. These latex gloves are medical grade, and offer an excellent protective barrier due to their durability and integrity. Praised for their strength, comfort and persistent grip, these gloves are a popular choice for many workplaces opting for latex safety gloves.

Supergrip latex gloves: These powder free examination gloves are washed offline and subject to our single-chlorination process, ensuring reduced risk of allergic reactions, ease of donning, and superior comfort. The textured palms and fingertips ensure improved grip, particularly in wet or oily conditions.

Unigloves latex gloves are not only high quality, robust and incredibly comfortable, they also provide excellent value for money. For more information about our range and to request a sample, get in touch with our team today.

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