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Powder Free Vinyl Gloves?

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  • 8 October, 2020
  • Donald Gillespie

Vinyl gloves are used in a huge variety of household and commercial applications, and since their arrival on the market decades ago, are still one of the most popular types of disposable safety glove. Generally cheaper than their latex or nitrile counterparts, vinyl gloves are an excellent low-cost, everyday glove solution, especially in workplaces where regular donning and removal are required.

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At Unigloves, we manufacture a range of powdered and powder free glove varieties, to suit all manner of applications. Our powder free Unicare vinyl gloves are incredibly versatile and comfortable, whilst providing protection against some of the most common hazards found around the home and in the workplace. Find out more about the benefits of powder free vinyl gloves and their uses in this article.

A photo showing a pair of versatile and comfortable powder free vinyl gloves.

Are vinyl gloves powder free?

Whilst powder has become less popular in glove manufacturing over recent years, not all vinyl gloves are powder free, and many manufacturers now offer both powdered and non-powdered glove varieties.

The powder coating in disposable gloves, which is most often cornstarch, is aimed at making donning the gloves easier, thus reducing the risk of tearing. Unfortunately, the powdered cornstarch in gloves can be a potential hazard for workplaces, as the powder can act as a carrier for airborne particles and cause contamination of the workplace, materials, and even cause irritation to the airways of workers and those in the vicinity.

To overcome the issue of powder contamination whilst also ensuring that our gloves are easy to apply and remove, the Unigloves vinyl gloves range is manufactured with a unique polymer coating for smoother donning, as well as tapered wrists and beaded cuffs, to offer a better fit and added protection against tearing.

A pair of gloves being worn by someone wondering if vinyl gloves are powder free.

Why choose powder free vinyl gloves?

Vinyl gloves, made from PVC (polyvinyl chloride) are an inexpensive disposable plastic glove and are often much cheaper than their latex or nitrile glove alternatives. Waterproof and resistant to a range of low-level chemicals such as detergents and other cleaning products, vinyl gloves provide wearers with protection against some of the most common household and industrial hazards.

Although they are less resistant to tearing and puncturing than latex or nitrile gloves, vinyl gloves still play an important role in many workplaces, especially in roles where regular removal and replacement is required, such as in food preparation, processing and handling roles, veterinary practices, cleaning roles, and more.

Vinyl gloves from Unigloves are tested to EN1186, making them safe for contact with all food types (although it should be noted that they are not ideal for prolonged exposure to oils and fatty foods), and are also latex free, making them suitable for use by wearers prone to latex allergies.

A pile of powder free vinyl gloves you could choose.

Despite the risks that the powder in powdered gloves pose, many workplaces prefer the level of comfort and ease of donning that these types of gloves provide. That is why, at Unigloves, we’ve developed our unique Unicare vinyl range, which is not only free from latex and chemical accelerators, but most of which are free from powder. To offer easy donning and removal and reduce the risk of tearing, our Unicare vinyl range is polymer coated for smoother application and more comfortable wear.

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What are powder free vinyl gloves used for?

Powder free vinyl gloves are commonly found in a range of household and commercial applications, due to their low cost and versatility. Although nitrile gloves should be used where stronger chemicals are a risk, vinyl gloves offer protection against some common low level chemicals, and other irritants or potentially hazardous materials such as bodily fluids, detergents and other cleaning products, laundry liquids and powders, paints, and more. Some of their most common applications are in:

    • Painting and printing
    • Care home work
    • Veterinary practices
    • Dentistry and dental health
    • Cleaning and janitorial work
    • Food processing and handling
    • Assembly and manufacturing
    • Local authority work

For everyday, low-risk applications, vinyl gloves are an excellent, low-cost solution. Our powder free Unicare vinyl gloves offers our clients the added benefit of a powderless, yet easy-to-wear disposable glove solution.

A pair of vinyl gloves being worn by someone that may use them for many different purposes including food processing, cleaning and care home work.

Unigloves powder free vinyl gloves

Not only are most of our Unicare vinyl gloves free from powder, they’re also free from chemical accelerators, which can be a common cause of irritation and sensitisation in wearers. The Unicare vinyl glove range has been specially designed to be supremely comfortable, whilst offering users an allergen and contaminant-free glove.

These medical grade gloves are suitable for use in medical applications, dental, and veterinary care, making them an extremely versatile disposable safety glove solution. The tapered wrists and beaded cuffs on our Unicare vinyl gloves also offer wearers a better fit, as well as added strength and tear resistance. Available in a range of colours including clear, blue, red, green, and yellow, Unicare vinyl gloves are also available in stretch varieties, which offer additional elasticity for form-fitting comfort.

For many years, Unigloves have been developing and manufacturing high-quality disposable safety gloves to suit any application. Traditional powdered gloves have become less popular over the years, as the hazards posed by powder particles have become more widely understood. That is why we’ve developed a range of powdered and powder free solutions across our range, to offer our clients the perfect safety glove for their workplace, no matter the application.

Our powder free vinyl gloves are a cost-effective and highly versatile solution for everyday, low-risk tasks. Browse our powder free vinyl glove varieties online now or download our comprehensive product guide to discover the entire Unigloves range.

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