Best Gardening Gloves UK
Protect Your Hands In The Garden

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  • 27 October, 2022
  • Donald Gillespie

Best Gloves For Gardening

Gardening is one of the great UK pastimes, and since shows like Gardeners’ World hit the screens, more and more people have been taking up the activity. Although gardening has somewhat of a reputation as a relaxing hobby, serious gardeners will know that tending one can involve a lot of elbow grease. That’s why you need the right hand protection for the job.

From pruning your roses to putting down turf, our list of Best Gardening Gloves UK will help you keep your hands protected without hampering your ability to hold the shears.

How to choose the best gardening gloves

Choosing the best gardening gloves isn’t as simple as popping down to B&Q and picking up the first pair you see. Protecting your hands when gardening means keeping them safe from sharp thorns and tools, having an adequate barrier against chemicals and other hazardous substances, and keeping the hands warm and dry. When it comes to choosing the best gardening gloves, here are a few key things to keep in mind:

Workwear or disposable

Gardening gloves are available in both workwear and disposable varieties. While most gardeners will opt for a robust pair of gloves that will mould with their hands over time and become as trusty as a pair of old favourite boots, disposable options are also a great choice when ultimate dexterity is required and is excellent for keeping dirt and mud off your hands.

A gardener wearing Unigloves' Nitrex 370W while handling a bag of fertiliser.


Lightweight flexible gloves provide tactility and dexterity, but do not overlook the hazards that lay in wait in your garden. An accidental brush with a rose thorn could leave a nasty scratch, whilst working with tools such as secateurs puts you at risk of serious cuts if you’re not equipped with the appropriate hand protection. Consider whether your tasks would be better supported with a heavy duty gardening glove or medium weight glove rather than a lightweight one.

Water resistance

A water resistant glove is an excellent choice for keeping hands dry, especially in wet and cold weather whilst gardening. Having a pair of water resistant gloves for those jobs and another pair for those more intricate tasks is something to consider.

Thermal protection

We can’t discuss the best gardening gloves for the UK without talking about the weather. From rain to frost, to driving snow, gardening doesn’t stop just because the weather changes. And keeping your hands protected against the elements is key to healthy and happy gardens all year round. With thermal protective gloves in your possession, the cold won’t keep you from tending your beloved plants, no matter the conditions.

A gardener planding a sapling in the earth outdoors while wearing Unigloves Nitrex gloves to protect her hands.

Cut and puncture protection

Perhaps the most essential factor to consider, if you’re working with sharp tools and spikey foliage, is cut and puncture resistance. Many gardening gloves offer excellent cut protection properties. Be sure to check the label for the level of cut protection provided, as not all cut resistant gloves are created equal.


Another factor when selecting the best gardening glove is the grip they provide. From working in the rain, to handling gardening tools having gloves with excellent grip is vital for protecting your hands and your precious plant life.

Our top picks for best gardening gloves UK

Here at Unigloves, we’ve been manufacturing gloves for gardeners for decades. Utilising the latest in technology and the most advanced of materials, our gloves offer protection against anything your garden can throw at you. From thermal protection to cut resistance, water resistance, fantastic wet weather grip, and more, our range has something for every level of gardening enthusiast.

Unigloves' Nitrex 270NF front and back images.


Reusable Gardening Gloves

Nitrex 250 and 250FC

Nitrex-250-best-gardening-gloves-ukThese medium weight nitrile gloves offer excellent abrasion protection and puncture resistance against those prickly plants, as well as fantastic grip in damp and wet. The nitrile palm coating of Nitrex 250 and full hand coating of Nitrex 250FC provide a tough barrier against hazards whilst affording you a comfortable, close fit for those more delicate gardening tasks.

Nitrex 270NF

Nitrex-270NF-best-gardening-gloves-uk-2Featuring our Unigloves NitreGrip® Technology, Nitrex 270NF gloves are not only abrasion and puncture resistant, but feature our unique surface treatment for assured grip when working in the dry or wet. By reducing the required grip necessary, the Nitrex 270NF gloves help to prevent hand fatigue, whilst their lightweight, seamless, and super comfortable nylon liner provides excellent fit and feel, and less wear and tear on the hands.

The sandy nitrile coating is consistent across the entire glove, meaning no seepage to the inside of the glove, keeping hands safe from moisture.

Nitrex 275D

Nitrex-275D-best-gardening-gloves-ukIf flexibility, tactility and dexterity is important in your application Nitrex 275D offers all of these in spades. With its lightweight close fitting seamless liner combined with the soft foam latex this is the ideal choice for those intricate manual tasks

Nitrex 242D

Nitrex-242D-best-gardening-gloves-ukThese cut resistant gloves are tested and rated to cut level D, and offer a high degree of protection against cuts, abrasions, and tears. Featuring a foam nitrile coating and infused with PU, these gloves also afford the wearer an enhanced grip in dry and wet conditions.

Treated with a hydrophobic solution, Nitrex 242D gloves provides water resistance whilst maintaining maximum breathability. With an elasticated wrist for a secure fit and touch screen compatibility, these gloves not only keep your hands safe from your riskier gardening activities, but ensure that you need not remove a glove to answer the phone or use your device.

Nitrex 370W

Our Nitrex 370W offers 360° liquid protection along with thermal resistance keeping hands warm and dry whilst maintaining excellent grip. The sanitized hygiene and odour control function, integrated within the glove neutralises odours and reduces microbial growth


Disposable gardening gloves

PRO.TECT-BLACK-HD-PLUS-P-GA007X-boxOur extensive heavy-duty disposables are available in both latex and nitrile keeping hands clean from soil, dirt, mud and animal droppings.

Unigloves PRO.TECT range comes in an assortment of colours, lengths and thicknesses, offering maximum grip performance, chemical resistance and touchscreen capability.


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