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Electrical Insulating and
Arc-Flash Gloves

Electrical Insulating and Arc-Flash Gloves supported by a full range of accessories

Safety that is empowering
Electrocution is a high-level hazard facing workers in several industries, from construction to utilities, automotive, rail work, and more. Whether ground working, working near high-voltage power lines or working with electrical equipment, only high-quality and specially designed electrical safety PPE will do.

Dielectric protection
Our electrical insulating gloves provide your workers with protection against electrical hazards ranging from 500 Volts (Class 00) to 36,000 Volts (Class 4). So, whether working with electrical equipment, being exposed to energised parts, or encountering high-voltage threats, our Sibille Safe products ensure maximum performance, lasting comfort, and superior protection.

Mechanical protection options
Sibille GCA Electrical Insulating Arc Flash Gloves are designed to provide mechanical protection and do not require a leather over glove. Our Sibille range features leather over gloves are recommended for use with Sibille GLB Electrical Insulating gloves and are for those applications where added protection against mechanical threats is necessary. Paired with the electrical protection of our Sibille electrical insulating gloves, the abrasion and puncture resistance of our leather over gloves means added safety for hazardous tasks and an extended life of your Sibille GLB Electrical Insulating gloves.

Ancillary products
Including leather over gloves, portable inflators, under gloves, protective bags, storage cases and more, our Sibille ancillary collection has been created to support our Sibille Electrical Insulating Glove products.

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